An interview with FAIRIES DEATH WALTZ

An interview with FAIRIES DEATH WALTZ
Operatic Gothic Metal

Give us a brief history of the band.
   After far too much coffee and YouTube, Jeff decided to combine two of his favorite musical styles, Opera and Metal. In the spring of 2017, he was joined by Mary, and the duo with the aid of temporary members proceeded to play and record "In the Mourning". Upon finding Tony and Nolan, the permanent lineup was completed in October 2017.

Describe your live show
   Loud, different, theatrical. Our fans know that Mary may be tied up at one point in the show, or even fully suspended by ropes, or may be harassing and whipping the audience.

The writing process of "In the Mourning"
   The songs, with the exception of "Your Ophelia", were written by Jeff during the fall of 2016. Generally, he composes as a whole, meaning the rhythms and melody are created at the same moment, usually scratched out in sheet music, with the words coming after. "Your Ophelia" is the first collaboration between Jeff and Mary, with Mary having written the words prior to Jeff composing music and melody to it. 
     The subjects cover a variety of thought, Lucia's Lament is based on an opera, Lost Beyond is about the afterlife, Your Ophelia is our demented take on Hamlet, Still to Wake is from our nightmares, and Danse Macabre our fans can guess. 

The hardest part of being a musician
    Balancing our day jobs, Taco Bell addiction, and drinking coffee from the skulls of our enemies. (Kind of messy)

How much time do you spend promoting on social media
    Hard to say. We all read posts from friends and groups we like, and share our links where appropriate.

 A band or song on our playlist that no one would expect 
 We listen to so many things while on the road, blasting arias from Rossini and Bizet, Iron Maiden, Avatar, Overkill, Taylor Swift. It's probably easier to say that we generally don't listen to rap. 

 Are there any subjects that we would not write about
   Partying and rock and roll. The subject is overdone and shallow.

Are people truly elevated above nature
     Yes, though we are stewards of nature, and should take care of it, man has conscious thought.

 what are the future plans of the band
     The normals- touring, writing, world domination, eating Taco Bell

 Name a band or two we would love to tour with
    Overkill, Iron Maiden, Sirenia, Nightwish, Dark Sarah

 Anything we would like to say to the fans
     Thank you! Please be kind to each other and let music unite, not divide!



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