Conservative metal?


  The current climate of politics in the world is a breeding ground for great lyrics and album titles. Such calamity and uncertainty are perfect backdrops for a heavy metal soundtrack. But the question looms; is it where you want to really drag your listeners to? I mean if your a politically social band then of course continue on. But if your not then do you dare? The united states is so politically divided right now, would you risk alienating a segment of your fans? We can expect this from the established acts. They already know their demographic and its not changing. Bands like Springsteen and U2, and even Metallica are not going to grow their base. So for them, approaching a political spectrum is not going to affect them either way. But for lesser known bands is it OK? And what if your political personal views are not what the liberal media expects? Do you go the Ted Nugent route and just lay it all out or do you keep it hidden?
     Rock and roll is always supposed to be about the exciting and the unexpected. Falling into a cookie cutter role is not supposed to happen. You need to keep your ideas and your audience fresh and appealing. Is it possible to be a conservative metal head? Can you be patriotic and play speed metal? Is this even an issue? I don't know. As an interviewer of artists the question can certainly come up. 
     I suppose controversy sells. So why not take an opposing view to generate some press? But the question boils down to are you really that artist?Are you being true to your own beliefs? And if you are not being true to yourself then how can you expect your fan base to be true to you? 
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