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Tragul is one of the best up and coming bands I have heard so far this year. I sent some questions to Adrian Benegas

Hello Bryan Martin from Cry of the Wolf! This is Adrian from Tragul. It’s a pleasure to do this interview.

Take us through the writing process. Does everyone contribute? All starts with a rough lyrics idea, a concept about something I want to express. Usually I take inspiration from events that comes from dreams, esoteric field or an event taken from a spiritual approach. Once I have the lyrics ready, I start to write the music and focus myself on expressing the concept in the best possible way, then I listen the whole idea and the lyrics and start to make some arrangements and refine everything before I send the songs to the guys who contribute on the arrangements for their instruments.

How do you feel about social media and its influence over the music business? I think social media is a powerful tool to stay constantly connected with the fans, you can interact, give the people the chance to have all the updates and news in one click, just at the precise moment when you share a new song, post, photos, or anything else. Besides, social media makes it possible to reach fans from all over the globe, something that we couldn't achieve otherwise.

What defines the perfect song for your ears? From the composer’s side, the one you can be proud of even if you listen to it 20 years later. On the other hand, from a listener's perspective, I think there is not a “perfect song”, because it depends on each person and a lot of factors like the mood, culture, what season are you listening to it. There are perfect songs for winter mood, summer, etc.

Name a band you would love to tour with? Well, it’s a hard one. There are a lot of great musicians and artists out there that would be fun to tour with. But if I had to choose right now, I would say “Rhapsody Reunion”, the band where my friend Alex Holzwarth plays, he also recorded on Tragul last year. In fact, I had the chance to meet them and they are very nice people. It would be great to tour with them, definitively.

Any subject matter you won't write about? There are a lot of subjects that I won’t write about but the first thing that came to my mind is “Politics”

Do you feel that musicians or artists should weigh in on politics? I don’t know, it’s hard to say. I think musicians and artists can have a little social influence but at the end the people decide so I think it doesn’t have to be a responsibility, if some artists have influence on politics, it’s ok, and if not, it’s ok too.

What has been the most challenging aspect of being a musician? In my personal case, the most challenging thing that came to my mind was the time I started to learn how to play and started to learn music theory, why? Because I hate monotony and it’s very hard for me to stay hours practicing mechanical movements or something like that. I am the kind of guy who loves to have fun and create things, so when I started it was very hard, and boring for me to practice but I did it because there’s no other way to learn something, there are some steps you can’t simply avoid.
What got you first involved in music? The chance to create stories and express myself. I feel that I was born to be an artist, since my early years of youth I had a strong need, something that I couldn't avoid. I’m very thankful and happy for being able to make music, my entire life is surrounded by the feeling of creating and telling stories through the magic of the sound.

Any hobbies of passions outside of music? Soccer, I love everything related to it. Videogames, playing with friends, watching, reading about the players. I am a huge fan of soccer. In fact, if I’m not a musician I’d love to be a soccer player... And play for Real Madrid! Haha!
Strangest thing that ever happened at a gig? In the few gigs that I played with bands earlier in my career luckily everything ran smoothly! Hopefully stays this way with Tragul.
Anything you want to say to the fans? I invite the fans to read “CRY OF THE WOLF”. And I say thank you for the constant support.

Thanks for the interview! Adrian
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