New Zone Interview

 New Zone Interview
 Cry Of The Wolf Magazine had the opportunity to interview one of the hottest up and coming bands in the alternative symphonic metal genre. This band is doing everything right. Read on to see how a modern day metal band takes charge of its own destiny. Our prediction is that you will be hearing a lot from this band very soon.

Take us through your writing process. Is it a jam style progression or are the parts already worked out?

When we begin writing our songs we often start from a melody that
naturally comes to mind. The original melody than develops new ones.
By this time we will be able to hear the chords and even rhythms from the
rock ensemble in our heads. The location we are in or emotions we have
will affect what direction the song will go towards. When we both get the
same images in our heads and find the message of the song it will
naturally come together. We will then record a demo that later on
becomes a pre-production of the songs. Some songs sound exactly as we
wanted them to at the start, while some are developed almost into a
whole new song.

The lyrics I have heard so far are very well crafted. are there any subjects you won't sing about?
 Our debut album will be titled Desire, therefore the lyrics are all based
around different kinds of desire. We like the lyrics to be passionate and
self-strengthening. Since the lyrics are predominantly based around
emotions they are likely to be considered as visual and dreamlike. For
example, emotions for us are connected to colours and therefor colours
are frequently used in our lyrics. Themes we rarely include are
controversial statements in for example politics or religion. Not that we
see it being wrong to be controversial but it’s not for us. At least not right
now. We want our lyrics to be open for everyone and hopefully uplift our

The "owner of a lonely heart" single is one of the best cover songs I have heard. Who decided on that song and how did you approach the recording?

 The idea of making a cover of the band Yes song, Owner of a lonely heart
came from our rhythm guitarist Tim Vincent. He wanted a song that
everyone in the band liked as well as it is an appreciated classic in the rock
scene. Tim was intrigued of what the song would sound like with a female
lead vocal and with a heavier setup. We thought the song had a similar
vibe to our music musically because of the chords and melodies, therefore
it was easy to get our sound to come across in the song. We recorded and
produced the song by ourselves. While doing so we explored the guitar
sound and concluded not only what we wanted in the cover but also in the
album. When the rock ensemble was completely recorded, lead vocalist
Nicole Willerton composed the orchestral instruments, midi sounds and
created the sound effects.

What are the future plans for this band?
Since our song Demons is a demo, we will release our first single with the
finished mastering on Valentines day. The song will be called Breathe and
we will also release it’s music video on the 23 rd of February. We are very
excited about this since it will be our first music video we release. After
releasing the single and music video, we will continue releasing more

Do you plan to tour or attend any festivals?
 We are planning to play gigs live during the summer and in the autumn in
Sweden. Right now we are focusing on releasing music, photos and

Can each member name a favorite band that got them into playing music?

 These are the bands we listened to when we where younger and decided
we wanted to do music:
Tim: Kiss/Ozzy Osbourne
Nicole: Eurythmics/Nightwish
Torgny: Black Sabbath/In flames
Måns: Nirvana/Metallica
Johan: Iron Maiden

How do you feel about the current state of the music industry?

 The music industry today can be looked at as both negative and positive
depending on what you are doing in the industry. An artist or band
technically could do everything in terms of promotion and distribution by
themselves. However, even though record labels might not fill the same
function as they once did they are still great for promotion as well as
other things. As a musician especially in the rock/metal scene touring has
become more essential than it probably ever has.

Social media…positive or negative?
 Since the current music industry has become very driven by social media
it makes a very big impact on where to promote music and reach out to
ones listeners. As a new band we look positively at social media since it
gives us a chance to reach out to any one all over the world at the same
time. Instead of illegally downloading music, people can access it legally
for example via Spotify and Youtube. Now new artists can distribute their
material worldwide digitally. So it opens opportunities.

One band you could open for..who is it and why?

Depends on how much we can dream. We havn’t really got a specific band
that we would like to open for, but bands that come to mind are Kamelot
or HIM if they where still playing. Why we chose these bands is because
we think it could have been a cool line-up

Anything you would like to say to the fans?

We would like to say to the fans, thank you so much for being part of what
we are doing! It means so much for us to be able to do our music and we are
super excited to release our upcoming single with music video! Keep loving
what you do.

Excellent advice from and excellent band. This is the future of symphonic metal!


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