“I told the guys, look, this could be our pyromania, but the next one has to be our Hysteria" Interview with Gabriele J. Palermo from tragedian

Interview with Gabriele J. Palermo from tragedian 

“I told the guys, look, this could be our pyromania, but the next one has to be our Hysteria"

With almost the entire band now entrenched in Germany ,tragedian is setting its sights on world domination. The release of their third album is upon us. The production and over all feel of this album is unparalleled. It is a nonstop power metal masterpiece.  I talked with Palermo about his plans, the album, and life in one of Germany's upcoming metal acts.

What was your mind set going into this recording?

“I told the guys, look this could be our pyromania, but the next one has to be our Hysteria. Except we can’t take five years for the next one.
Originally it was supposed to be a concept album but we came up with only three songs for a subject. Not enough for a full concept. I said to Alex, let’s make a horror movie translated into music. Which is what we did.  Each song is a story.”

The song with Kai Hansen (Helloween, Gamma Ray) is one of the best tracks. How did you choose which song was good for him to lay tracks on?

“Kai  chose the song he played on. He listened to what we had and picked that one. Originally supposed to be he plays 4 bars and I play 4 bars but after I heard what he laid down, then I just said leave what kai did. It's just too good. The label is already getting so many pre orders because of that one track. Which is great.”

There are no ballads on this album.

We had one we were working out but it just never worked out as far as the recording. It might be released later.  There is also a  cover song recorded but are still working out the logistics with publishing rights. If we get the rights then it might be available on the download only and the Japanese versions of the album. The Japanese always like to have one more track then the rest of the world.”

Can we ask which song you covered?

 "Tarot card woman".(Rainbow)

What are the plans for festivals?

“When I first came to Europe it was easier to get on a festival stage, Now it’s all corporate driven. Everyone and their brother puts a festival together. So fans would rather wait and pay 30 bucks to see 50 bands instead of one band for 15 at a club. That’s what it turned into over here.
I’m in contact with the wakken festival so we will see. They have a copy of the new record. I have been in touch with the Sweden rock festival. I played there with Stormwarrior.”

What are some of your best memories so far, being a musician?

Hanging backstage with Kai Hansen. That is always a good time.
One of the best stories is always just meeting the fans. In one instance in Norway I gave a fan a shirt and my personal email. He was singing along and just so happy he finally got a chance to see us live. Giving him a shirt or a few minutes of my time is the least I can do. I remember hanging out near the tour bus of my favorite bands. I know what it's like.  I mean I'm just a fan too. One thing this band will never do is charge people for autographs. You want a cd signed then tell us and we will do it.

Anything you want to say to the fans?

We will never ask you to pay for us to sign stuff. If you want your cd signed just email me or tell us at a gig.

You can pick up the TRAGEDIAN album UNHOLY DIVINE at Walmart, target, online ordering, or through the bands web site. Also check them out on Spotify and You tube.



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