TRAGEDIAN Album Review

     Submitted for your metal approval. TRAGEDIAN, UNHOLY DIVINE

 The Devil Calls You….Kicking off the third installment of TRAGEDIAN'S brand of German power metal is a song worthy of the Gods. Full shred speed ahead on this one. Vocals are on point as the band tears through this epic power metal masterpiece. This is the band to watch from Germany in 2018 and beyond. Tracks like Dullahan and Revelation continue with the blitzkrieg assault of inescapable sonic perfection. Revelation has a distinctive Dragonforce feel.

Over the Edge features a cameo solo by none other than master HELLOWEEN guitarist, KAI HANSEN (Gamma Ray). The song sounds like it belongs on a classic HELLOWEEN album. No joke it is that good.  One of the stand out tracks on the album. Flyaway and Shadow of the Moon are also memorable songs. The lead on Shadow of the Moon is by far one of Gabriel's best. Pure prolific power meets perfection.

Spectres and Chasing a Dream are killer compositions fitting of every metal heads collection. So far this band has not slowed down for one song. We tear through the last songs and the tempo and the intensity does not let up. This is a template for every upcoming power metal band out there. Don't stop, don't retreat…just keep the metal flame burning like a torch in the sky. 

Clearly the band has saved one of the best songs for last…Destined Land…this is the pinnacle of what TRAGEDIAN can achieve. Here on this song the band has secured itself in the halls of metal, they have found their sound and their stride. 
Buy this album now!!!!!

10/10 wolf howls

Cry of the wolf magazine


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