Cry Of The Wolf Magazine interview with Brett Scott from VANLADE

Cry Of The Wolf Magazine interview with Brett Scott from VANLADE

Pouring rain outside as I await the phone call from VANLADE'S vocalist Brett. My head is spinning from the sonic perfection that pours out of my speakers. This is a classic sounding metal band with a modern twist. Heavy metal at it's American finest.  What follows is a cool conversation with a true metal fan and performer. And yes Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore...

What is new with VANLADE?

We are deep in the writing process. Most of the songs are written. Looks like early 2018 for the release or sooner.

 Who are your influences?

Number one would be DIO. He got me obsessed not only with his voice but metal as well. Ian Gillan(DEEP PURPLE), Eric Adams(MANOWAR). Being a vocalist I always look for the harmony and the melody.

What makes the perfect song for you?

Any song that gives you those goosebumps. It has to be hard, heavy. I like a lot of vocal harmony. Heavy, fast, and melodic

How active is the band with social media?

Very active. We have face book, and instagram. All the channels. We haven't done live streaming yet but we will be. It's a good thing for younger bands. You can reach everywhere. But then again so can every band so there is a lot going on.

How much attention to you spend on your health when on the road or gearing up for a gig?

I try to get as much rest as I can. I mean we party sure but the focus is on the music. The rest of the guys can party. I drink my tea with honey and lemon.

The album covers have been very interesting, especially "Rage Of The Gods". Tell me a little more about them.

Actually Zach's idea. The album is a concept so he thought it would be cool to have little pieces of the story represented on the cover. We gave it to the artist and there you go.

Strangest Thing that ever happened at a gig?

Well at the Warriors of metal fest we had been partying pretty hard. I woke up on top of the trailer and the band was gone. Some guy was walking by with a tray of what i thought was cookies, so I grabbed one. He goes "hey don't eat those, that's soap".

Where do you see the band in 5 years?

Still doing this. Hopefully reaching a wider audience. Like to play some overseas festivals. Take it to the road. Keep on building.

Anything you would like to say to the fans?

If your into fast, melodic guitar shredding old school metal with a new twist then check us out.
We are easy to track.

You cannot allow yourself not to pick up a copy of this metal power house!

Iron Age (2012)
Rage of the Go
ds (2015
Online Metal Promo
From The Underground to Above Ground

Brett “Blackout” Scott – Vocals
Zach Vanlade – Guitar/Vocals
Vinnie Lee Camarillo – Guitar/Vocals
Nikky Skorcher – Bass Guitar
Nolan Weber – Drums


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