Interview with Shotgun Trust

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. Give us a history of Shotgun Trust.
Founding members Todd Pierce/Lead guitarist, Shawn Lajeunesse/Drums, and myself Jeff Craig/ Guitarist, Lead Vocalist started this band over 20 years ago with the intent of have a great time and hopefully in the process write some original music that people would enjoy.

2. Who writes the material?
Our lead guitarist and myself usually provide the initial composition and then allow the other members to add their pieces to complete the musical arrangement.

3. Which bands have influenced you the most?
Iron Maiden, Dio, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Scorpions

4. Favorite venue to play?
Jr’s Fastlane. Cranston, RI. The Music Lady. Plainfield,CT

5. How active is your band with social media?
We try to keep our fans abreast on our upcoming shows, new material and live videos we put out.

6. Name one national act you would love to open for?
IRON MAIDEN!!!!! (Hey, a guy’s gotta dream big )

7. Favorite local band?
There is such a great community of talented Connecticut musicians that it hard to pick just one. Here is a short list (hoping I don’t miss anyone):
Fates Warning, Age of Embers, Hellitosis, Turmoil, Matthias Steele, Enemy Remains, End Time Illusion, Continuum, Dead By Wednesday, Vengence, Soldiers of Solace, As Darkness Dies, SINN, Crossing Rubicon, Devil Inside, Denial, Shadow Kingdom, In The Red, Shred of Salvation, Sinaro, Wicked Gypsies, Sinners Inc, Oath,

8. What inspires you the most?
To grow a fan base organically. When someone new comes out to see us for the first time and we gain them as a new friend on social media or are complemented by someone who has never seen the band before. We play mostly all original music so to have a person enjoy the material that we’ve created really feels like all of our time and hard work pays off.

9. what is the oddest song in your personal audio collection?
Please don’t let me date myself like that…..LOL!!! Maybe Motown 

10. Metallica or megadeth?
I’d say Metallica while my other band mates would probably say Megadeth

11. Ozzy or Dio?

12. How would you rate the local scene for music and original bands?
10 of 10!!! So much unbelievable talent comes out of CT!!!
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13. future plans for recording?
Currently gigging to promote a few singles but intend to record over the winter months.

14. lastly, anything you would like to say to people who may have not heard your music?

Look for us to be back out in the Spring/Summer of 2017 with new material and a few surprises! Check us out @ and like us on Facebook “Shotgun Trust JTSM”

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