Interview With Mike Portnoy, DREAM THEATER, WINERY DOGS...

The chance to talk with Mike Portnoy from The Winery Dogs was something I couldn't resist. As a musicians musician, Portnoy has played with many of the best bands, and we cannot forget his contribution to DREAM THEATER.  Mr. Portnoy took  a few minutes to answer questions before his sound check.



How is the tour going?


It's going great. we are on the fourth or fifth month. Traveling the world. we did South America, then Europe and we are about halfway through the u.s. Been awesome. the response to the album has been unanimously positive everywhere.


The band videos show you as very relaxed and comfortable yet producing this incredible barrage of music.


 Just 3 guys playing good music together

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what are your favorite tracks?


 depends on my mood. I love "elevate". I have different favorites for different reasons


Do you agree with the term "super group"?


   Well we don't see this as a "one-off" project. We view this as a band. A real band. People assume this is a one-off but that is not the case. It's something all three of us are in for the long run.

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Who are some of your favorite classic rock bands?


  The Beatles, Zeppelin, The Who those three for music in general.


Eddie Trunk is a big supporter and promoter of your music. How long have you known Eddie?


Oh. About 13 years at this point. Something like that.

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Any Crazy road stories with this band?


  You know every band goes through things. We are playing clubs. All of us have played arenas so this is getting back to the basics.


Do you like the intimacy of playing clubs versus arenas?


  Each has its pros and cons. I love the club and the interaction with the fans, which I love. I thrive off of that. That is what I am all about. But obviously the arenas have the comfort and accommodation. They both have pros and cons.



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