Tragedian                Decimation

Ice Warrior Records

Val Shieldon - Vocals
Gabriele Palermo - Guitar
Dany All - Keyboards
Steve Vawamas - Bass
Max Polon - Drums


    It would be difficult for me to pinpoint a favorite track on this album. The reason?:

                                                                     They are all my favorites.

    A tightly woven masterpiece of pure metal. Born in steel and tested on the road this band wields the battleaxe of metal for all to see and hear. They are dynamic, destructive, and destined to become icons of the genre.

Unbelievably talented and powerful, the band is a whirlwind of musical ability. European metal is alive and well and in good hands. Gabriel and the boys have spun a well crafted web of power and control on this disc. Songs like the title track, "Decimation", and "Escape" showcase a musical maturity and complete understanding of their target audience. The rest of the album tears you from this reality and transports you to the shrouded mystery of Tragedian. A place where good, solid heavy metal is played loud and proud.

The production on the tracks is perfection. Someone has taken a lot of time mixing and mastering the tunes. The sound, especially the guitar tones, are tight as concrete. Shades of Sabbath and Malmsteen mixed with Uli and Blackmore.  Yes that's right I said Blackmore. Gabriele pulls no punches on this album. Each guitar line is intricate and pronounced a testament to his guitar abilities. This is a guitar player's playbook, of heavy crunchy riffs and searing guitar leads.

    As with most modern European metal bands the keyboards tend to dominate. And well they should. Dany is a powerhouse on the keys and he plays a complimentary lead role with Gabriele. Val Shieldon is phenomal in the vocal department. I wish his mix had been just a tad bit louder but he is a seriously incredible vocalist. Steve and max round out the thunderous back section and these two mean business.

     All in this entire album is one of their best so far. And that is the good part, because this band is young and just getting started. Festivals and arenas around Europe should rejoice. For us here in America the tragedy that tragedian will probably never play is realized and depressing.  But then I just smile and hit the play button again and again.

10/10 horns up

Bryan Martin‎

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