Cry Of The Wolf Interview with DORO PESCH

There are legends and icons in heavy metal and then there is DORO PESCH, who embodies both. Her passion and true love for the art form of heavy metal music as well as her equally unbridled love for her fans is the first thing you realize about DORO. We have had a chance to chat as she geared up for her 2019 tour.

How do you get yourself in shape for the tour?
I'm doing martial arts. working out. jogging. building up the stamina. then we prepare a nice intro. rehearse some new songs. I want to do a live record. Constantly thinking of new things to do during the show. Special effects. Some clubs don't allow pyro technics so we have to come up with other things.

And this tour features a double headliner, Doro and Metal Church.
I've loved metal church since the early days. They are really nice. Its a good vibe. That is most important. each band supports the other band. We share our crews. Its a good start. The crowd will appreciate it. Old school metal.

Do you find it hard to pick songs for a set list
yes. so many songs. so many records it is hard. somehow every song means something to me. Sometimes we sneak in songs that were never released in the states. all the highlights and some unexpected ones.

When you covered metallica do you hear from them.
Not yet. but when we covered breaking the law by Judas priest. Rob Halford said he loved it. We saw them live and the tour manager said you can come up and sing it. I thought Oh my God I'm hopping on stage with rob I was thinking I wouldn't remember the lyrics. He said you'll be fine come on.

When you get together to rehearse do you improvise new songs?
Usually We make a list and then we get prepared. We've played together for years now. Sometimes we enjoy a little medley. We are a good team. Great Musicians. Everyone has ideas. Sometimes things work out awesomely. Sometimes we set up lists for the States and then different for Europe. A few of my favorite records were never released in the states during the grunge era.
All killers no fillers!

Are you ever surprised by how passionate the fans are?
Sometimes the fans show me their tattoos.They go full out. Its so awesome. I want to tell them I am just as dedicated. But I am blown away sometimes. I love tattoos. When I was younger I used to tattoo all my friends. So I appreciate what they mean to people. My whole life is dedicated to the fans and the music. My true love. They get more insane every day. Inspires me to give my all.

What is the strangest thing at a gig you have seen?
 One time a lady said she would name her next baby after me. She said if this was ok. I said yes. But had a boy. But he does have Doro Rock In the middle of his name. We see them at shows now.

Check out DORO and METAL CHURCH on tour now!!


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