Katy Reign is a local New England vocalist/model with an incredibly gifted voice. Her latest project, DEVIL IN THE MIST, is a tour de force of powerful songs. Recently she answered a few questions...

Who are your main influences vocally? Gotta go with Lita Ford, Shirley Manson, Christopher Hall and Phil Anselmo.  

Which do you like better...Modeling or performing? I miss modeling at times, but performing is where my heart is, at some point I may get back into modeling. 


Any regimen you do to keep your vocals in shape? I bite more than I can chew most times, so I'm always performing, be it live or in the studio. 

Do you feel that social media is a positive force or negative in the music business? I believe social media definitely made a tremendous impact for us musicians, the only downfall is that now every company is asking for money, so it's not what it used to be. But then again, you can say the same thing about paying to play live. 

What first got you into singing? I'd have to say my mother, who passed when I was 23. I learned at a young age I had a voice, and that I got it from her. 

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Name a band you would love to tour with or duet with? There are so many, but if I had to chose.. I'd pick Alice In Chains, love them to death. 

Stevie Nicks or Lizzy Hale?  Lizzy has a powerful voice, I was surprised when she came out because we both have such similar styles, however I definitely favor Stevie Nicks, anything older is intoxicating for me.  

What is the best and worst thing about being a musician?  The best thing about being a musician is that people love you and what you do. The worst thing you have to get used to is other people will trash you, and meanwhile you've been giving up so much out of your life to do this, and it's a lot harder to make it, especially if you don't come from money.  

Is Rhode Island a friendly place for music?  Yes and no. Some clubs are excellent, some are not. A lot of people in this area stick to their clicks, which makes things frustrating. 

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Favorite local band? That's a great question... Gonna have to go with Nothing Left To Burn. 

What are your future goals? My goals are to get my practical life in place more because it's always been the music, however, I will always perform and make videos, and if Devil In The Mist gets a shot, or anything else for that matter, Cheers to finally getting a well deserved recognition. We've been doing well, so that alone is my reward. 

Name a band or CD in your personal collection that fans might not expect?  The one singer who made me want to start singing at a young age was Mariah Carey. I also really dig the Spice Girls. True elements of Disco. While some might tell me I should be embarrassed, I personally think older pop styles were far more amazing than today's, the songs were better written. 

Anything you want to say to your fans?  Thank you, you are the fuel to my fire... 

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