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"I'm your surrogate Metal Granny"

     At This point nothing in the entertainment world will shock you. Exposed to a myriad of genres and persona's, we have all become numb to the extremes of the business. Along comes GRANNY4BARREL, with her metal horror granny image backed up by a superior band that includes an electro violinist who shreds like Eddie van halen! We asked her about the use of a fiddle rather than the traditional lead guitarist. " With the fiddle we get so much more and it looks cool" states Granny. "Last time I checked this is the entertainment industry so we decided to do something that would shake things up.I was always into horror, so why not have a crazy bad ass old woman front a metal band?"

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   Tearing through their live set it was clear that GRANNY4BARREL can walk the talk. This is pure molten steel. The kind of shock metal that will melt your wigs off. Signed to Jess Dupre's Mighty Loud label, GRANNY4BARREL also has the dubious honor of employing the recently infamous STORMY DANIELS to direct their video for "She likes guns". Granny says." She's a cool person. She's doing us right."

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    Up next for GRANNY4BARREL will be a fall tour with TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION. Both bands will be touring to support radio singles. You have to check them out!

GRANNY4BARREL gets 9/10 Wolf Howls
Cry Of The Wolf Magazine



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