Cry Of The Wolf Magazine Book Reviews AMERICA 51 By Corey Taylor

Cry Of The Wolf Magazine Book Reviews

AMERICA 51  By Corey Taylor


      The author states that his original chapters for the beginning of this book were deleted shortly after the last election. This writer as well had to delete the first attempt at reviewing So in that respect Mr. Taylor, we are on the same page. The overall review is that the book reads like a slipknot concert, loud, rude and full of anti-for the sake of anti-diatribe awash in profanity. It's a sweaty, whiskey vomit, un showered thrill ride deep into the mind of someone who clearly never got enough hugs as a kid.

   But hats off to Da Capo Press for having the nerve to publish this complete manifesto of self driven, holier than thou piece of dripping slugde. The book itself is put together well. The cover and the promotion are top notch. As is the case with Da Capo. They take pride in what they do no matter what the subject matter may be. And of course I am sure this will sell.
 Fame does that.
 But I digress

     What we have here is a continuous rant about lost elections, shameful feelings of being white and American. A vile hatred for the current administration and a claim and supposition that most of America feels the same. For you see Mr. Taylor, this writer is the guy in the hospital on the phone watching the news. (From his book). Except this writer would, and still does, want more than just prison for the guilty you mentioned.Your reviewer here, does not fit into your view of America, An American Indian who leans very far to the right(although not always) and also listens to Heavy metal. Religiously,every day, even Slipknot.

     This writer gets the rebellion and even understands your allegiance to democrats. As a defender of Freedom and free speech This writer can applaud your efforts and your success in the music industry. It is not an easy career choice.  We don't agree and one could dare say most of your own audience wouldn't agree, but at least your saying something. At first It does look like the book evolves into a call for a central solution to our collective problems. But always you attack the right unabashedly... I get it though. You have your view and your home is your home. I'm sure you wouldn't want me to live in your neighborhood either. I respect that. and you should know that you have inspired me. You have inspired in me the hope that if this book can be published then maybe someday so could one of mine. It clearly seems to be actually easy to do.

This book gets 2 out 10 wolf howls because it fits the description of a book. It has two covers and it is filled with words.


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