The Very Metal Diary Of Cleo Howard: a CRY OF THE WOLF MAGAZINE book review

The Very Metal Diary Of Cleo Howard
By sarah tipper

SO when the book arrived and I dove into it, I was impressed by the listing of so many good bands and songs. The diary itself is a great read as we plow through the life of a teenage metal head in England. I learned also that "sixth form" is some sort of  grade or school. For years the song "Sixth form girls"by the band SAXON , eluded me. Now I know at least partly what it means. Overall this is a great book. A cleverly written, metal filled Journey. The metal world needs more authors like Sarah to convey what the genre has done for all of us. Metal music is the medicine to get us through hard times and life's curve balls.

 Our main character is dealing with a lot of adult issues, the death of her father, life in her home town, the day to day of a students life, a blossoming sexual awareness. All of this set to a heavy metal soundtrack. She is at once shunned for her metal "looks" and accepted by the same people who listen to her genre. Few on the outside can understand the family that is the metal bond. It transcends pop trends, life choices, and hard times. In short this is one good book. Order yourself a copy now! You will not be let down!!!

10/10 wolf howls


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