When your local metal scene conjures about it's own female fronted progressive metal band, Cry Of the Wolf Magazine just had to know more.

Who came up with the name?
Our Bassist Andrew
 describe your writing process. Is it one person with a riff or a team effort?

It's 80% our guitarist or bassist coming up with a riff and 20% team effort
 How has the New England scene treated the band?

Wicked good kehd. Hah. Our bassist is actually from NC but he fits in quite well. The scene has been like family to us, and we hope they view us in the same way. 

 Female fronted metal and symphonic metal bands have exploded on the scene, especially from Europe. What do you attribute to the rising success of these bands as well as your own?
People who love heavy music however also enjoy more variety of vocal style and more of a progressive approach, can really appreciate our style of music. 

Social media: positive or negative as it relates to your band

Positive! Send us a friend request, and maybe even like our band page 😉
 name your influences

We will name a couple for each of us. 
1. Jason drummer (periphery; tesseract)
2. Bobby guitar (Dream Theater:pissed off blink 182 Messhugah)
3. Andrew bass (Parkway Drive: Between the Buried and me: avenged sevenfold: Tech 9)
4. Samantha (Chevelle: 10 Years)

one band you would love to tour with

1. Jason (Periphery)
2. Bobby (Dream Theatre)
3. Andrew (Tech 9)
4.Samantha (Gojira)

any subject matter you will not write about

 Any subject can be manifested into some type of art, and we wouldn't rule anything out. 

favorite club to play at

Sammy's Patio and Fete Ballroom 
name a band in your cd collection that fans would never expect

Bobby (joy formiddable)
Jason (any of Samantha's cds....just, in my car, jk we pretty much like the same music: The Frey)
Andrew (Usher)
Samantha (Selena Gomez...I love that bitch)

Any merchandise?

Currently all we have are demos, but soon we will be acquiring tshirts, beanies and stickers 
 Anything you would like to say to your fans

Andrew  "I appreciate a strong jack and coke while on stage, and if there are red m&ms I will lose my shit and will not apologize afterwards"

Bobby "what the hell would I say to fans ?  Thank you for enjoying my music, I mean our music"  

Jason "Wait, i have to say something??" 

Samantha "they all mean, we love you all..and any time you see us at a show, ALWAYS come say hi and get to know us. As you can see, we love to joke around..and all of your support is forever appreciated"

Vocalist-Samantha Alice 
Guitarist-Bobby Drinkwater 
Bassist-Andrew Miller 
Drummer-Jason Barsotti

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