Can you give us a run down of the writing process for the band
Sure! The songwriting process always begins with an individual improvisation (a bass line, a vocal melody, a keyboard/guitar harmonic cycle or an epic theme), presented to the whole band, or a full-band jam. The best ideas get refined and arranged for all the instruments, including vocals, in the most natural and spontaneous way for every member. When we're satisfied by the result we get to writing the lyrics, meticulously working on any possible arrangement improvement. Only when everything suits to the goals we wanted to reach, we head to the recording studio.
who came up with the name?
Our name was an early idea of our guitarist and founder Valerio, it stands for that balance which stands out of the physical part of life, a more mental, emotional and if you wish spiritual balance in the life of each and everyone of you. And we aim for reaching that concept through our music, too, in our stylistic contrasts.
social media: positive or negative for your band?
We received a lot of very positive ratings, reviews and comments from every social network, blog, web zine or forum, way over what we expected to receive. We are always astonished by all the nice comments we get about our music and this gives us the energy we need to do even better with our future creations!

Who are your influences?
We have very different influences if taken as single musicians, which go from Steve Vai, to Jordan Rudess, to Jaco Pastorius and more. As a band I'd say our main influences are Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Seventh Wonder and Yes.
strangest thing that has ever happened at a gig, onstage or off?
This is something that really impressed us too, get ready: it was our first live ever as a full band, in June 2015, we played 35 minutes of music off Message from Eternity discovering only once we stopped playing that our drummer cut a finger with one of the cymbals and had been bleeding over the kit since the very beginning of the show! We all figured it out at the end, when all lights were turned back on. Crazy.

something in your collective cd collections that people might not expect
Let's see... I personally have Deadmau5 and Daft Punk in my cd collection, as well as debut albums of all kinds of recently born Italian bands and movie soundtracks collections. I know the other members have Italian pop rock artists releases, like Pooh for example. We have such a vast musical taste that everything may be unexpected from a band like ours!
. Making new music for sure! And, well, playing our music live and sharing our music with anyone who may like it!

one band you would like to tour with
We already supported Dream Theater for a few dates of their 30th anniversary and repeating that experience once more would really excite us!
Any subject matter you would not write about
Mh... this is tough, as in our genre there are no real limitations in the subject matter of the lyrics. For what concerns our band and our style I feel that mythology and negative thoughts like isolation, desperation and death itself, wouldn't really fit our music and the messages we wish to send out.
anything you would like to say to fans
We're getting closer and closer to the release date of our new album X-GATE and to our future live dates, be sure not to miss them as they will be very stunning experiences!
thank you for taking the time to do this interview
Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it!

Can't wait for you to listen to our new release!

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