Interview With Kobra Paige For the Prevail album

Interview with Kobra Paige of Kobra And The Lotus

You're gearing up for a tour with Xandria
Yes it's going great. We just started practicing as a band yesterday or maybe the day before. It's been hectic. The practice went well and we have a full week of rehearsing and then we head out. Everyone is getting anxious to get on the road again. We are concentrating on getting the new material polished and ready for the road.
Take us through "Prevail" What was your mindset going in?
I felt excited about the fact that we were going to create a lot of it there. I was excited to work with Jacob and see what his producing style was going to be like and what we would learn. There was no way to guess how it would have gone down in the studio. I just knew the basics that we were going to learn how to improve and evolve. Learn new things and strengthen our sound. I had a positive mindset. It made for a great experience. This was one of the most organic experiences in terms of the way the songs unfolded. We came into the studio with three songs done and the rest we created while we were there. We were writing in the same room together for a whole month. It really made some magic happen. It was interesting. There are so many ways to make music nowadays. This way was stressful and also amazing. We had a lot of pressure on ourselves. Within the month we had enough for the double album. This was intentional.

The lyrics have a positive message.
I always like to make sure there is hope. There is a lot of darkness as well. It's a projection of how I perceive the truth. That is all we can do as artists. It's always important to include hopefulness. There are elements that shine through and can really change your life. "prevail" We can prevail against anything
"Prevail" is the last song on the album but also the title track. Was this intentional?
Yes. Very intentional. Just to finalize the message. Drive the whole general concept home and round it all out. It leaves the album on a positive note. Just for everyone to go out and believe in themselves.

What do you do when you're away from music?
I used to hike a lot and go to the mountains. I live close to them. I can see them out of my apartment window. I would find restoration and decompress there. This album has been so intensive so I haven't really relaxed lately.
After the brief tour of the states you're heading overseas for some festivals. Any festivals you have not played that you would like to?
We have played Grasshop, sonisphere, download, wakken. There are quite a few festivals. We are returning to metal days, skullfest. We just added a US festival in Bismark North Dakota. I would like to do the prog metal fest. We are not very prog but I think we could fit.
When you're at a festival as a fan of metal is it hard to not try and watch all the other bands perform?
For myself when I'm on tour I'm pretty tired and craving time for myself. We are always on a bus together and being the only female I crave that alone space. We usually watch a few. I won't always stay. I'm not a huge party animal. I just disappear after awhile. Although it was a different story at Grasshop. we had been up all night. They got some tequila in me and next thing you know we were there until the festival was shutting down.

When will you release the second half of this double album?
Well the launch has been pushed back by the label. They have ideas on how to strategize it and we are rolling with their ideas. The launch will probably be by the early part of 2018.

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