One Night in Tokyo

Frontiers Music s.r.l.

14 October 2016 


Secret Sphere are without a doubt one of the most well known metal bands in Japan, with a solid fan base there since their inception in 1997. All their albums have been released in Japan and in fact, it is the only country where you can find Secret Spheres very rare, original debut demo tape, officially released as a special edition item there! That says a lot about the respect and affection that the fans in the Land of the Rising Sun have for Aldo LoNobile’s band!


 During the band’s last Japanese tour, in support of the Special Anniversary Edition of the band’s signature album “A Time Never Come”, Secret Sphere had the chance to record their show in Tokyo in its entirety, which included all the band’s major hits: “Legend”, “Under The Flag Of Mary Read,” plus the melodic metal gems taken from the latest album “Portrait Of A Dying Heart". Featuring vocalist extraordinaire Michele Luppi (now also keyboard player with Whitesnake), the show was one for the ages.


 The result is a genuine performance in a very warm atmosphere, a night to remember, where the band played all their classic songs with true passion. The same passion that you can expect from the band's next release, currently in the writing stages.


 Aldo Lonobile says: “Since I started the band, the idea of recording our first live album in Japan, was the ultimate goal! All my musical heroes described their experiences in Japan with a happiness and a warmth that you could almost feel. That was the truth, among the most loyal fans in the world, and I am 100% happy that Frontiers liked the idea to release our first live album!


 To enhance the celebration, the band agreed to the label’s suggestion to release a brand new version of “Lie To Me,” featuring an outstanding duet between Michele Luppi and former Nightwish singer Anette Olzon. Released originally on “Portrait of a Dying Heart”, the video reached almost 1M views and this new version shows a depth and a reach that makes it even better compared to the original!



 Michele Luppi: Vocals

 Aldo Lonobile: All Lead and Rhythm Guitars

 Andrea Buratto: Bass

 Marco Pastorino: Rhythm Guitars and Backing Vocals




Secret Sphere

     To say that Secret Sphere is one of the best melodic hard rock bands out there would be an understatement. This band is chock full of soaring melody, unstoppable riffs, and powerful lyrics. I had the chance to speak with ALdo Lonobile about the current release.


What is your mind set going into a tour?

Actually I used to practice a lot. When you're younger you can play guitar all day. Nowadays there are children and family so many things to take care of. So just before the tour I would practice the set list in order to deliver the best show possible.

Is everyone jamming together when you compose the albums or is this an email thing?

When I start to compose the album I do most of the songs by myself. Together with the keyboard player but 90% comes from my ideas. I start the guitars, program the drums, then I play the bass, a few keyboards. Then I have a meeting with the keyboard player to complete the arrangements for the orchestra. Later we have a meeting with the complete band. We play the songs live to see if they work. And then the singer can start the lyrics and vocals. This is usually the process for writing the albums.

Do you feel pressure to make this record better than the last one?

Well actually. We try to not think so much of the previous album. We don't want to make the mistake of saying this album has to be better. I prefer to work every album as a different chapter. The reaction was really great for the last album. The band was good and everything was very well received. For this album A few days I was thinking we have to do better. But I said let's stop thinking. And do what is best for now. It's a natural evolution, the new songs. It's a little more progressive at times. But there are also lots of melodies. So I am pretty much happy.

"Lie to me", take me through the writing process. What goes through your mind?

Well, I used to stop thinking about the inspiration behind the songs. Last year was very difficult. There was a health problem in the family. It was a very hard time for me. So I used that as an inspiration to write the songs. It is very personal. Very personal music I am writing right now.

How is it working with FRONTIERS?

Well now we are signed since the release of the live DVD. I am very happy. They are very dynamic. A great worldwide team. Great promotions. So we are really excited. FRONTIERS have a strong name. It is a label with a lot of strength to promote the band in the best way possible.

Tour plans?

We were at prog fest in 2003 and I hope to come back. It is not easy for a band like us to tour the states. We are ready if approached. It would be great for us. With the labels help we are getting more and more response from the states.

Overall this cd is a 10/10. Any fans of good, solid, expressive melodic hard rock should have this cd in constant rotation. FRONTIERS RECORDS have scored a bulls eye once again!



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