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            Remembering those golden years of mtv when bands like Europe took over the video waves. Songs like "Carrie" and final countdown are forever burned into my teenage mind."The final countdown" alone has rocketed forth from so many stadiums and sporting events over the years, that it would be impossible to count. War of Kings , the 10th studio album, is a heavier and streamlined Europe. This band sounds like a prize fighter begging to get back in the ring.  It is less Smiles and bubble gum pop rock, and more brooding, dark, a hard rock atmospheric. You can still feel the musical sensibility. The song writing is  top notch and the hits are there. This album is a testament to the bands staying power. Legendary are not terms you can apply to every band. Europe is one of those few. With the rise of "final Countdown" Europe solidified themselves as a major contender to the throne of iconic metal. Then during the Grunge age, they fell away from America's favor. After reuniting in 2003 they have begun a steady trek back across the littered fields of burnt out metal and rock bands. "War Of Kings" is the album that will carry them to the throne room once again. Simply put it is one damn good heavy rock album.  The title track is an in your face atmospheric assault on your senses. Guitarist John Norum is one of the best shredders on the planet and he shines all over this album. Joey Tempest sounds amazing and more importantly he sounds hungry. Hungry to prove something. No need to prove anything to the diehard fans. We know Joey. We know.


Bryan Martin


War of Kings

1) War Of Kings
2) Hole In My Pocket
3) Second Day
4) Praise You
5) Nothin’ To Ya
6) California 405
7) Days Of Rock n Roll
8) Children Of The Mind
9) Rainbow Bridge
10) Angels (With Broken Hearts)
11) Light Me Up
Bonus: Vasastan (Instrumental)

Joey Tempest – lead vocals, acoustic & rhythm guitar, keyboards
John Norum – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals
John Leven – bass, backing vocals
Mic Michaeli – keyboards, piano, backing vocals, rhythm guitar
Ian Haugland – drums, percussion, backing vocals

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