BLACKTHORN INTERVIEW! All Female Russian Hextreme metal band!!!!!

  1. Can you give us a brief history of the band?
    Aina: BLACKTHORN was found in October 2004 by me and some girls from the original line-up. Being active since that time, we have, however, lived through serious line-up changes. Elvira became our guitarist and composer in 2006. Then, as far as I remember, Greta joined us, shortly after that we got Less in through mutual friends. Acotath replaced our previous drummer Varaska in 2015.
    Our discography includes “The Prologue of Eschaton” (2007, demo), “Gosamer Witchcraft”/”
    Аранеум” (2009, full-length), “Codex Archaos” (2011, full-length) and finally a full-length conceptual album “Witch Cult Ternion” released last December. Besides, we released a few Internet singles; “Sister September” (Anorexia Nervosa cover), “Era Obscura” and “Death of Love” originally performed by Cradle of Filth.

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  2. How is the local scene in your area?
Elvira: Unfortunatelly, we don’t have strong musical industry for exreme metal, all depends on some enthusiasts or we have only some activities for so-called „Russian rock“ style and hard rock with Russian lyrics, for example Aria.
  1. How would you describe your live show?
    Aina: We look like witches, play hextreme symphonic metal and we do our best. I think it already sounds interesting.
Elvira: Sometimes we prepare special shows with interesting visual part, but it usually happens when we have a long performance.

  1. Take us through the writing process for your last album.
Elvira: Every composition was created as a part of whole conceptual album, and some tracks have more complicated structure than usual metal songs. It’s some kind of symphonic metal aria or suite. The recording process was more difficult than usually, because we recorded a string quartet for the first time! And of course, we recorded a live choir ensemble and live grand piano just like for our previous LP “Codex Archaos”. All these live arrangements made our latest album more symphonic and atmospheric than ever.

  1. Is it difficult to find fresh ideas or easy?
Elvira: It’s more difficult with time, when you create albums better and better. And there are also fans who expect from you songs in definite style. Maybe you just need some time to take breath and to find new ideas without any looking back : )
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  1. How much time do you spend promoting on social media?
    Aina: Still not enough!
Elvira: I truly agree with you : ) It’s always a problem to find more free time for promotion except only playing music. But we try to create something new and to be active.

  1. Name a band or a song that is on your playlist which people would not expect?
    Acotath: The main theme from our local tv-show “Criminal Russia”.
Elvira: Backstreet Boys – Show me the meaning…To be honest, I really respect some good and high-quality pop-music : )

  1. What are your thoughts on the structure of organized religion?
    Aina: I don't support this. However I'm sorta able to bear it if their followers do their thing and don't pry into other people's affairs.
Elvira: It’s ok about religion, if it doesn’t interfere in musical industry. When concerts are canceled because of religion fanatics, it disappoints me a lot.

  1. Are people truly elevated above nature or are we equals?
    Aina: In a perfect world people elevate above the nature in a good way and treat it as an equal at the same time. Too bad we live in another kind of reality.
    Acotath: Since we blockheads have a weapon to destroy nature we are not equals anymore.
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  2. What are the future plans for the band?
    Acotath: Conquer this world.
    Aina: Having a blast at Metal Female Voices Festival this October in Belgium! Other plans I'd like to keep secret for awhile.
Elvira: Just looking for new ideas and creating new songs! Also we are going to re-record some old songs and to record some new covers which we play at concerts. And we would like to shoot new videos, of course.

  1. Name a band or two that you would love to tour with?
    Acotath: Butyrka, AK-47, 1349, Kuvalda.
Elvira: Red, Carach Angren, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth...

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  1. Lastly, anything you would like to say to the fans?
    Acotath: Privetooley!
    Aina: Thank you for being bewitched. See you!
Elvira: See you on metal festivals and thank you for attention!

As you can tell the members of BLACKTHORN are committed to metal! They have a natural gift for creating extreme heavy metal. Hailing From Russia but poised to enchant the world with their fiery passion for music. check them out!


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