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Monday, August 17, 2015

Interview With Gabriele From Tragedian

A Conversation With Tragedian's Gabriele Palermo


During the collapse of The American metal scene in the early 90's, many musicians either quit or went underground. Gabriele J. Palermo, first went to L.A. with a guitar on his back, and a vision of how metal should be. From that wasteland of excess he arrived a few years later in the center of the European Power Metal scene, Germany. He followed his dream and the metal, straight to the heart of it all.

On the eve of a fall tour of Europe, (including opening slot on the Alex Masi tour), Gabriel from the power metal band, Tragedian, is contemplating the state of metal and life as a touring musician. I fired up the Skype machine and dialed in this German based power metal virtuoso.

How is it going?

Going good here. Getting ready for the tour.

How often do you guys jam together?

We actually rehearse about one full day before we leave and then that is it. Because everyone else does all the rehearsals at home. That is the way it is nowadays. We usually play the first chorus and the main riff and then go drinking afterwards. Then we just smooth out the rough edges next day at the sound check and that is it.

Do you ever come across anyone who doesn't hold up their end of the rehearsing?

No. Everybody is well prepared. The keyboard guy plays with one hand and sends texts with his other.

As far as the shows and the tour, how hard is it to get all these gigs lined up?

The problem is getting gigs nowadays. It is sad to say that Europe is where America was after the whole grunge explosion. I am kind of seeing history repeat itself now. 20 years later. Because it doesn't matter who you are. The main factor is that there are too many open air festivals and that just kills the local scene. That is what killed the single gig market. The last six or seven years everyone is putting on a festival. It's a nightmare. The wacken festival was all about metal. It was pure. I saw overkill there. Now it is like a tourist trap. It almost doesn't seem like it is metal anymore. So organizing the gigs is a lot more hassle. The only advantage we have is that we get to target the non capital cities. We hit the places that people don't really gig. They don't care who comes as long as somebody does. So we do really well there.

How did the tour with Alex Masi come about?

During my time in Los Angeles I met him and took some lessons from him. We ended up hanging out and actually sharing an apartment for years. We get along great right from the beginning. We both love purple and rainbow. It was a crazy constant party for two years. A lot of stuff I do have to credit him with as far as teaching me how to record the guitar. I benefited so much from that time. So the opportunity presented itself to do something together. It is all about timing. We don't play a similar style but the music goes together as a package real well.

What else do you do for income besides touring?

Well it's too late for me to go work in a factory somewhere you know. So I do film scores, independent recording work. A lot of people I know do this. I'm not rich but I'm not poor, I am happy.

What separates this album from the last one?

The first thing is that it is a concept album. It deals with the mystical and the darker side of life. You could compare it to DIO's "Dream Evil". In a darker themed direction. The cover has a Ouija board and things. People will be in for a surprise. The songs have a slightly heavier edge. A touch of Dream Theater meets King Diamond.

I actually got the chance to hear an unpolished demo of one of the songs and it sounded killer.

And that was just the rough mix.

So tell me about the co-producer.

A good friend of mine, Kai Henson that you all know from Gamma Ray and Helloween. He has been a friend for about 12 years. We were party friends and then we started discussing music. I always get invites to his house for barbecues. He brings so much experience. He listened to all our records and pointed out certain things and we started to tweak our sound. He spent a lot of time with the vocalist on this album. With us it was kind of how Bob rock worked with Metallica. Sometimes he would point out things we needed to turn back or record differently.

Was everyone open to his advice?

Yes. For Kai to be around for as long as he has he obviously knows what he is doing. He is the Godfather of power metal. Everyone had their ears open.

When does the album come out?

I was hoping it would be ready for the tour but there have been issues. Nothing goes according to plan. Kai had a few shows with unisonic. So there were always a few bumps in the road. We are almost totally finished. But looks like the start of 2016.The tour will be wrapped up but we will play a few songs from the new album. Maybe one new one thrown into the set as a teaser. We are considering recording a few shows to do a limited live disc and DVD.


If you're in Europe catch the band on tour.

October 2nd Hamburg, Germany-Markthalle/Marx

October 3rd Amsterdam, Netherlands- The Cave

October 4th Roeslare, Belgium- De Verlichte Geest

October 8th Oslo, Norway- Skuret

October 9th Gothenburg, Sweden- Vasterhus

October 10th Malmo, Sweden-Dr. Feelgood's







Monday, August 3, 2015

Interview With Angelica Rylin

Beth Out of Hell
Frontiers Music srl
21 August 2015
The Murder of My Sweet is a Swedish cinematic metal band founded in 2007 by drummer and producer Daniel Flores.

“Beth Out of Hell” will be released worldwide on August 21 2015.

Angelica Rylin: lead and background vocals
Daniel Flores: drums, keyboards
Christopher Vetter: guitars
Patrik Janson: bass guitar




An Interview with vocalist Angelica Rylin

I had the great pleasure of talking to Angelica Rylin of the band, "The Murder Of My Sweet" on the eve of their good vs. evil inspired concept album, "Beth Out Of Hell". The album is a soaring, triumph of soaring angelic vocals and heavy symphonic metal riffs. All wrapped around an epic tale of love and evil, let loose upon the world.

Congratulations on an awesome album

Thank You.

What is the mindset when you put the album together? Did you set out with the focus of creating a concept album or did it flow naturally?

The idea of Beth came to us we finished the last album, "Bye Bye Lullaby." It was an idea that stuck so we decided to do something with it. The last three songs of that album were sort of a prologue to this album. It was also a way for us to test the waters and to see if there was a potential to the story. We felt that it was and we had a clear goal of what we thought the album could become. A rock musical if you wish. We basically had a concept of heaven and hell and all the world disasters pinned on the character of "Beth" and her obsession over a man. This man it turns out is an archangel.

How long did it take to write the whole album?

It took some time because we wanted to do a lot of research. Probably a year working on that and the writing. The hardest part was to make it all come together. To make a story that makes sense to the listeners. And then even longer to create the music. We worked on parts parallel to each other. Daniel (drums) and I worked together and we found inspiration from each other. His playing a riff might trigger something in me and then I can come up with a chorus line or vice versa.

Any plans to tour the U.S.?

We haven't made any plans just yet. Well thoughts about going on tour, but to bring this album to life on stage would be quite the project. I know we would want to do it really big. Have a movie screen for visual parts of the story. We have great visions for it but you never know. We are around In Europe and Sweden of course. Never in Japan or the States but we have that on the bucket list.

There is a tremendous amount of emotion on the disc. It's not the same old symphonic metal formula. Is it hard to tap into those emotions?


I think for this album it was really a great opportunity for me to explore storytelling. It has always fascinated me. I had a lot of fun doing it. Putting myself into the character. Performing with my voice in a kind of actress way was a challenge but it was very rewarding. I had to be genuine. I had to go inside and just become Beth.

Any other career choices?

Of course it is hard to make money as an artist today. I am actually studying communications, and social media.

What is your favorite city?

One of the best opportunities as an artist is traveling but you rarely get to visit the actual cities. But one city we have been to a bunch of times is Paris. It is beautiful.

Any favorite female fronted rock singers?

We actually have a facebook community called eve's apple where we all communicate with a bunch of different singers in the genre. It is great, like a family. We all meet up if we are near each other. We Skype. I am so proud to be in the same business as them. The female scene has exploded in Europe over the last couple of years. It is great that all these strong women are doing rock and metal.

Have you ever been approached by a female fan who said you inspired them?

Yes actually. On social media and the stage. It is one of the most rewarding moments in your career when that happens. I am very proud to feel that people can reach out and tell you these things. The power of social media. The barriers are really no longer there anymore.

Any message for the fans?

Of course. Check out the last three songs on Bye Bye Lullaby if you want an intro to the new album. Check out the videos already uploaded on you tube. We tried to put a cinematic touch on these videos.
 Ok metal fans check out the upcoming release by The Murder of My Sweet. This album delivers on all fronts!

Friday, March 20, 2015

“Immortal RANDY RHOADS – The Ultimate Tribute”

“Immortal RANDY RHOADS – The Ultimate Tribute”

UDR isconstantly breaking new ground with older artists and serves as a monumental label capable of delivering the classic metal goods. My first approach to the music on the eve of Randy's passing was a surreal moment for me. As a fan and a guitarist . The cold new england wind howling outside my window reminds me of the frailty of life. At first listen, the one thing that stood out for me was that, this is a celebration of a musical genius. A life of work cut short and taken from us too soon. So let's take this track by track

1. Crazy Train
Vocals: Serj Tankian
Gtrs:  Tom Morello
Bass: Rudy Sarzo
Drums:  Vinny Appice       Ok at first listen to all the hype in the press this was supposed to be something amazing. It is not. Serj places vocals in this song which make it seem almost comical. His vocal style just doesn't transfer well to this type of metal. Tom Morello is a phenomenal guitarist. He doesn't go for the typical let's copy Randy's style and I appreciate that but overall his contribution here is not that impressive. This remake I could do without. There is no passion or energy here just gimmicks.

2. Over the Mountain
Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens
Gtrs: Jon Donais
Bass:  Rudy Sarzo
Drums: Frankie Banali     Jon Donais has a feel for what Randy was doing. You feel  the excitement on this one. The energy and passion is there. Ripper does an amazing job on the vocals.

3. Mr Crowley
Vocals: Chuck Billy
Gtrs:  Alexi Laiho
Keyboards: Kelle Rhoads
Bass Rudy: Rudy Sarzo
Drums: Vinny Appice          um....keyboard intro was spot on but those I love testament but here in this context. next.

4. Believer
Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens
Gtrs:  Doug Aldrich
Bass: Rudy Sarzo
Drums: Vinny Appice    Again Here is the passion. Doug Aldrich you are on fire. Randy would be impressed.

5. Back To The Coast (Quiet Riot)
Vocals: Kelle Rhoads
Gtrs:  Bruce Kulick
Bass: Rudy Sarzo
Drums: Frankie Banali           interesting. Makes me think more about how Quiet Riot went from this crappy song to metal health? But it does show off some of Randy's pre-metal riffs.

6. I Don't Know
Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens
Gtrs: George Lynch
Bass: Rudy Sarzo
Drums: Brett Chassen        Again....passion = energy. George Lynch you are shining. Not overplaying. Paying homage to the master. And that outro solo...awesome

7. S A T 0
Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens
Rhythm guitars: Bob Kulick
Lead guitar: Dweezil Zappa
Bass: Rudy Sarzo
Drums: Vinny Appice         ok. thanks Ripper for the vocals here,

8. Killer Girls (Quiet Riot)
Vocals:  Tim “Ripper” Owens
Gtrs: Joel Hoekstra
Bass: Rudy Sarzo
Drums: Brett Chassen    A better pre metal health song style. Cool

9. Goodbye to Romance
Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens
Gtrs: Gus G.
Bass: Rudy Sarzo
Drums: Brett Chassen....A very good remake. Gus G is an amazing guitarist

10. Suicide Solution
Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens
Gtrs:  Brad Gillis
Bass: Rudy Sarzo
Drums: Brett Chassen....hands down my favorite track. Brad Gillis just kills this one. Awesome.

11. Flying High Again
Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens
Gtrs:  Bernie Torme
Bass: Rudy Sarzo
Drums:  Brett Chassen.....Very well done. Energetic. Powerful

Overall a fantastic tribute to Randy Rhoads. His genius and legacy live on. A few missteps here and there but this is a great album filled with some of metals finest players.

Bryan Martin


Sunday, March 15, 2015

That Metal Show Host, Don Jamieson, The Interview

Interview with Don Jamieson of That Metal Show



I had the chance to speak with Mr. Jamieson during a cold, wintery day from my friend's car. It smelled like dust and cigarettes. My car was in the shop. I was about to hear my phone ring and speak with one of metals most outspoken fans. That Metal Show, has become a staple television show in every metal heads home from here to, only the Gods know where. But it was cold....too cold. The phone rang...


Did you ever think That Metal Show would be on Television for this long?

   No I thought we would shoot the pilot, I would get to meet Lita Ford, and that would be the end of my television career. But I'm very grateful.

How many takes does it take?

Just one. It's just a hang. We just do it. We are fans and that's how we treat it. What you see is what you get.

Does vh1 choose your wardrobe?

(Laughs), Nah. It's all straight from our closet. Believe it or not. That kind of high end fashion picked strictly by the three hosts.

Have you ever met a musician you idolized only to realize they were jerks?

Actually it's usually the opposite. So many of them I idolized as a kid. People like Alice Cooper. Just a true gentleman. Like many musicians, just salt of the earth people. To me it's all about making good TV. When Marylyn Manson came on our show. He chose to come on in a highly inebriated state. That's his choice. Makes my job a little harder, kind of like babysitting a fifth grader. None the less it is entertaining.

Do you find it difficult to make fans of all genres of metal happy?

Yes. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Jim, Eddie, and I, you know we are middle aged guys. So the stuff we like is in the classic sound. Sabbath, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden. That does not mean we don't like other genres. I like death metal, black metal. But this is vh1 classic so you kind of know what you're getting.

What are you currently listening to?

Well the pick of the week is a band called VISOGOTH from Utah. I'm really digging it. A great band called KYNG, a hard rock trio. The Pretty Reckless.

Are you a fan of female fronted bands?

Yeah. The European metal scene has a lot. Power metal. It's crazy. Here in the states it is still straight up male fronted rock. You don't see it as much. A band like The Pretty Reckless. It's really a great album. She does have an interesting story which is worth introducing our audience to.

Is metal an easy subject as a comedian or do people take it too seriously?

Heavy metal lends itself to comedy. There is no doubt. Watch any video from the 80's and you can write a whole hours worth of material. I have a portion of my act dedicated to metal

Manowar Or Metallica?

Definitely Metallica. They keep re-inventing themselves.

Dio or OZZY?

Loved Ronnie but gotta go Ozzy. Because ozzy was a part of Black Sabbath and Sabbath created metal.

Lita Ford or Doro Pesch?

I had a Lita Ford poster on my wall. So I gotta go Lita. Lots of missing socks in my house growing up.

How long will ,That Metal Show ,last?

As long as the network wants it. That's the key. The three of us are best friends. When the shows cancelled the three of us will still be doing the show somewhere. Just for free (laughs) It's who we are.

Where do you see yourself 10 years down the road?

Probably playing Elks clubs and Firehouses somewhere.

The Show hasn't changed you?

No. I'm a jeans and t-shirt guy my whole life. I haven't changed. We are who we are. When the cameras go off we don't change. We are metal heads through and through.


Bryan Martin

Europe War of Kings

Image result for europe war of kings



            Remembering those golden years of mtv when bands like Europe took over the video waves. Songs like "Carrie" and final countdown are forever burned into my teenage mind."The final countdown" alone has rocketed forth from so many stadiums and sporting events over the years, that it would be impossible to count. War of Kings , the 10th studio album, is a heavier and streamlined Europe. This band sounds like a prize fighter begging to get back in the ring.  It is less Smiles and bubble gum pop rock, and more brooding, dark, a hard rock atmospheric. You can still feel the musical sensibility. The song writing is  top notch and the hits are there. This album is a testament to the bands staying power. Legendary are not terms you can apply to every band. Europe is one of those few. With the rise of "final Countdown" Europe solidified themselves as a major contender to the throne of iconic metal. Then during the Grunge age, they fell away from America's favor. After reuniting in 2003 they have begun a steady trek back across the littered fields of burnt out metal and rock bands. "War Of Kings" is the album that will carry them to the throne room once again. Simply put it is one damn good heavy rock album.  The title track is an in your face atmospheric assault on your senses. Guitarist John Norum is one of the best shredders on the planet and he shines all over this album. Joey Tempest sounds amazing and more importantly he sounds hungry. Hungry to prove something. No need to prove anything to the diehard fans. We know Joey. We know.


Bryan Martin


War of Kings

1) War Of Kings
2) Hole In My Pocket
3) Second Day
4) Praise You
5) Nothin’ To Ya
6) California 405
7) Days Of Rock n Roll
8) Children Of The Mind
9) Rainbow Bridge
10) Angels (With Broken Hearts)
11) Light Me Up
Bonus: Vasastan (Instrumental)

Joey Tempest – lead vocals, acoustic & rhythm guitar, keyboards
John Norum – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals
John Leven – bass, backing vocals
Mic Michaeli – keyboards, piano, backing vocals, rhythm guitar
Ian Haugland – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Judas Priest Defenders Of The Faith Re-Mastered



Judas Priest    Defenders Of The Faith   Re-Mastered


     My Teen age days were spent cranking metal on my record player. Yes. Record player. My room was covered in heavy metal posters. I can remember buying the new Defenders of the Faith album and just playing it over and over. The twin lead attack of k.k and Glenn burning into my air guitar playing mind.

     30 years later the entire album has been re-mastered to perfection!

     Judas Priest is one of the most iconic and widely recognized metal band in the world. Rob Halford's stellar vocal range is countered by his almost ethereal ability to lower his range and hit you right in your soul. Priest never disappoints. And this album, now re-mastered and including some amazing live tracks, is no exception. "Turbo Lover", "Freewheel burning" are rock solid flag bearers of 80's metal. This is Priest unrivalled and unleashed.  Burning slabs of molten metal tracks like, "Heavy Duty", "Love Bites", and "The Sentinel" sound reborn on this disc.

    As if hearing these songs was enough priest hits you in the face with not one but two live cd's. Disc 2 and 3 are live from Long Beach Arena, California on May 5th, 1984.  Here we have some incredible live versions of the classics. "Sinner", "Electric Eye", "Hell Bent For Leather". You cannot live without this new version of  past classics. You can almost smell the smoke from the rob's motorcycle.  It is all here.  Live is where the Priest beast is unleashed and where you will find the most solid evidence that Judas Priest will always be "Defenders Of  The Faith"

 Bryan Martin



CD1 'Defenders of the Faith' Re-Mastered 


1.   Freewheel Burning

2.   Jawbreaker

3.   Rock Hard Ride Free

4.   The Sentinel

5.   Love Bites

6.   Eat Me Alive

7.   Some Heads Are Gonna Roll

8.   Night Comes Down

9.   Heavy Duty

10. Defenders of the Faith


CD2 Live at Long Beach Arena, California 5th May 1984 


1.   Love Bites

2.   Jawbreaker

3.   Grinder

4.   Metal Gods

5.   Breaking the Law

6.   Sinner

7.   Desert Plains

8.   Some Heads Are Gonna Roll

9.   The Sentinel 

10. Rock Hard Ride Free


CD3 Live at Long Beach Arena, California 5th May 1984 


1.   Night Comes Down

2.  The Hellion

3.   Electric Eye

4.   Heavy Duty

5.   Defenders of the Faith

6.   Freewheel Burning 

7.   Victim of Changes

8.   The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown)

9.   Living After Midnight

10. Hell Bent For Leather

11. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming


Album Release March 2015

Monday, November 17, 2014

Interview With Scott Ian Of Anthrax/ Book Review

Interview with Scott Ian Of Anthrax/I'm The Man book review

I'm The Man  The Story Of That Guy from Anthrax

Scott  Ian of Anthrax was high on my list of people to one day interview. So when the opportunity came to review his new Book, "I'm The Man", I jumped at the bonus chance to interview the man himself. Truly responsible for being a forerunner in the American Thrash Metal Movement, Scott and Anthrax are in the Pantheon of metal icons. His music is inspirational for so many bands, his guitar sledgehammer sound is a like a juggernaut of pure molten metal. He is onstage a force to be reckoned with. But I found the book and the man himself to be sincere, down to Earth, and honest. The history of Anthrax is interwoven with tales of hard partying, and dreams when metal was still in its true infancy. This book presents the reader with a drone like view of the rough road to success. The book is one wild ride throughout his life and you feel drawn to the persistence of once consistent theme in the pages: Scott loves what he does.


 First of all congrats, on the book.


 I like the flow of the book it is not all about booze and drugs and broads.

(Laughs) Well I look at it this way, even if that was my life. If my life was that I wouldn't have done a book unless I felt I did something different than what has been done a hundred times already. There are so many of those same books out already. So for me ,unless somehow my booze and drugs and women story was so much greater than someone else. But they all tend to blur a little to me. That was the thing going into this. I did not want to do a book just for the sake of doing a book.


Do you find that others in the industry have a difficult time continuing once they become parents?

Yeah, absolutely. Obviously, if you're a parent that enjoys being a parent. Makes touring for a long time very difficult. Three of us in the band have children so you know we just find ways to make it as painless as possible. So everyone doesn't have to be away for too long from their families.


 Being a dad, and a husband. How has your perspective on the world changed or has it?

Well it makes things in life simpler. Because family comes first. Everything else would stop If I needed it to. Just makes things a lot easier in one way. Easier to focus on family.


Would you want your son to grow up to be a musician?

If he wants to be. yes.

How much do you feel the industry for metal has changed with the advent of social media?

I don't know. I don't know what effect it truly has.  Whatever it does it doesn't make up for people stealing records.  I have a twitter account. What is the end game? I don't see the positive of getting your music out there for free. For me making a record used to be special. Getting signed by people ,who understood bands and understood talent development. Making a cd was not something everyone could do. And there is a reason for that. There are not going to be 5 million great bands. But if you go online there are 5 million things to listen to. I think it just creates clutter and confusion truthfully. I don't think anyone will discover the next Metallica or Zeppelin because someone uploaded their songs to the internet. I hate to sound like a crabby old man but nothing makes up for the fact that music is stolen all day long.

Do you come across new bands that interest you?

I am not actively out there looking. I have friends that send me stuff. They get every metal record that comes out in the hopes that they are going to be pleasantly surprised.  Once in awhile someone plays me something that I might like. But I already have 48,000 songs on my iPod to choose from. There is a band called Rival Sons, not a metal band. I really get into. very derivative of zeppelin and the 70's

In the book you did mention at one point the guys in Metallica were considering replacing Lars. Was that some sort of drunken bravado or a serious tone? I mean you were there so your perspective is key.

I don't think it was drunken bravado. It was something they were definitely talking about at that time.

Quick guitar question. Tube or digital amps?


How cool was it to jam with Peter Chris and Ace Frehley at the Eddie Trunk anniversary show?

Yeah. It was great. To get to play some of those songs with those dudes it was really a special moment. I had played with Ace a few times before but I never jammed with Peter. And certainly not together so it was definitely a trip. It sometimes hard to wrap your head around things like that. To go back to being a kid and remembering how into Kiss I was and then to think that I would someday be jamming with them. It blows my mind.

The new Anthrax is in the works?

Yeah we have just been writing and will continue to write until we feel we are ready. We have a lot of really good material. Just keep going until we are ready. Somehow we just know.


With the conclusion of the interview I shut off my phone and concentrated on his every word. Here was a true master of the metal  lifestyle. From the early days struggling to get a record deal to the globe trekking superstar, Scott Ian has remained loyal to himself, his band, and his art form. Pick up a copy of "I'm The man" today and read it for yourself.

Da Capo Press