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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Cage Interview


     I talked with Sean Peck, vocalist and visionary for the metal band, CAGE, as they were about to visit ground zero in New York City. Sean Peck Is an author, vocalist, heavy metal spokesman. His imagination knows no limits. He is the Stephen King of heavy metal.  I found this metal vocalist to be full of ideas and driven to bring his band to the forefront of legendary metal bands.



So what's new in the CAGE world today?

We are on the tour and today we will be doing a little sightseeing at ground zero.

In Light of recent events overseas. How do you feel about security?

I am actually going over to Israel Dec 17th, on the Metal Titans Show.  So that is going to be a different perspective. They deal with it 24-7. It's a fine line between balancing personal liberty and protection. I'm not all for massive phone tapping. Everyone should just be strapping a pistol to their side. Let the chips fall where they may. If someone had a gun at the concert in Paris then there might have only been like two casualties. Killing stops when a good guy with a gun shows up.

Tell me about the new album.

The new album "Ancient Evil". It's a horror concept story based on a 150 novella I wrote. Takes place in London England in 1869. We are all King Diamond fans so we decided to try our hands at something along the lines of ABIGAIL or THEM.  It's a 78 minute, 19 track mega epic horror story. The reviews have been hailing it as one our best albums ever. We tried on purpose not to make it too complicated and it seems I underestimated the metal community because people are rocking out to it on first play.

When you sat down with the band to begin writing this concept idea. Did you have an idea that it would be as lengthy as it turned out in the end?

Well we followed kind of one song per chapter. That was the formula but then we had like five or six pieces. There are sound effects also to set the mood. Blaze Bailey(ex-Iron Maiden Vocalist) did the voice over for the main character. He did a great job playing the main character, Eliot Worthington. It came out like Radio Theater. Then we added another track based off the cover on the record.

How did working with Blaze come about?

Well I needed someone with an English accent. I sang Man On the edge with him when we opened for them. So we became real good friends. Just a great guy. The guy should be a motivational speaker as a side job. Really talented.

Do you jam out the ideas or is everything already written by you or someone else in the band?

The writing of the songs are all different. Sometimes the guitar player has a whole piece composed. Sometimes I have a verse and melody and they finish it. It's a real collaboration. Then we just jam. Ancient Evil was written using every kind of writing technique. This took about a year and a half to write the whole thing. We had finished it last year. We signed with a new label so we had to postpone the release for a year.
Do you have control or does the label as far as creativity?

This is the first time we have had a label exert control. Heavy suggestions. Before we would give a label the product and they would just say ok that's great. This label want to control photos, videos and they are really helping with the tour. So it's really cool because they show they care. They want to develop us and see a big future for us.

Where do you see the band in five years?

In five years...bigger than maiden. Got our own two planes..Biggest stage set you have ever seen. Lasers and robotic Godzillas fighting on stage while we play. That is where I see the band. My imagination has no limits. If I had an unlimited  budget then I would put on a crazy show.

You can tell you're excited about this band. Tell me some things that you do that are different from other metal acts out there.

On this record, Ancient Evil, we have a book, an audio book. E book. We have a music video that is basically a horror movie. We are trying to innovate in the idea department.  I can see this album becoming a horror movie. If you change the metal formula you lose the essence of what this music really is. It loses the emotions.  We were raised on Iron Maiden, Metal Church, Wasp and all that great stuff mixed into a blender and we speed it up by about 35 beats per minute. Something that every metal fan can find something they like in the music of CAGE.





Monday, November 9, 2015

The Magic of Winter
12 November 2015
Featuring Original Members of the TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA

 “An Evening with Wizards of Winter” 20 City U.S. Holiday Tour Begins November 19th

Yuletide rock ensemble The WIZARDS OF WINTER – which features original members of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra – will release their upcoming second full-length album, The Magic of Winter, on November 12, 2015. Produced by Eric Rachel at Traxeast (Symphony X, Skid Row, Styx), the album can be pre-ordered here:

Transport yourself a snowy wonderland here via the band's new music video for “The Spirit of Christmas”, filmed at The Sherman Theater in East Stroudsburg, PA and directed by Tommy Jones of Videohammer Studios:

The WIZARDS OF WINTER recently announced “An Evening with Wizards of Winter” – a 20-city U.S. holiday tour beginning November 19th in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and ending on December 29th in Harrisburg, PA. The ensemble will perform an entire set of original holiday music and select Trans-Siberian Orchestra favorites at each stop of their theatrical, family-oriented rock opera experience. Tickets for “An Evening with Wizards of Winter” are on sale now and available for purchase via

“An Evening with WIZARDS OF WINTER” Tour Dates:
11/19 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Parker Playhouse
11/20 - Clearwater, FL @ The Capitol Theatre
11/21 - Orlando, FL @ The Plaza Live
11/22 - Atlanta, GA @ Center Stage
11/27 - Wilkes Barre, PA @ F.M. Kirby Center for Performing Arts
11/28 - Red Bank, NJ @ Count Basie Theatre
12/3 - Concord, NH @ Capitol Center For The Arts
12/4 - Collingswood, NJ @ Collingswood Scottish Rite Theatre
12/5 - Easton, PA @ The State Theater Performing Arts Center
12/6 - Sugarloaf, NY @ Sugarloaf Performing Arts Center
12/9 - Ridgefield, CT @ Ridgefield Playhouse
12/11 - Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theatre and Ballroom
12/12 - Kalamazoo, MI @ The Kalamazoo State Theatre
12/13 - Munhall, PA @ Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall
12/16 - Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel
12/17 - Nashville, TN @ Marathon Music Works
12/18 - Effingham, IL @ Effingham Performing Arts Center
12/20 - Chicago, IL @ Thalia Hall
12/26 - Albany, NY @ The Egg
12/27 - Syracuse, NY @ Crouse Hinds Theater
12/29 - Harrisburg, PA @ The Forum

The WIZARDS OF WINTER are an eclectic group of musicians from the NY/NJ/PA tri-state region who perform classical and progressive-influenced rock music woven throughout a theatrical holiday-themed event. While the group’s style is undoubtedly inspired by the genius of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO), the WIZARDS OF WINTER are far from a TSO tribute band. The the Wizards’ original material is very unique and has a broad audience appeal, applied in a more intimate setting.

As a testament to the virtuosity of the group, several original members of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra have joined The WIZARDS OF WINTER on their musical journey. Currently performing with the group are Guy LeMonnier and Tony Gaynor. Tommy Farese and Michael Lanning, also former members of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, have performed with the band on occasion as well.

Scott Kelly - Music Director, Keyboards
Steve Ratchen - Bass
Sharon Kelly - Flute, Vocals
Fred Gorhau - Guitar
Mary McIntrye - Keyboards, vocals
Tommy Ference - Drums
TW Durfy - Guitar
Natalia Niarezka - Violin
Guy LeMonnier - vocals
Vincent Jiovino - vocals
Tony Gaynor - Narration

To learn more about The WIZARDS OF WINTER, please visit 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

An Interview With Elvenstorm

 An Interview with Michael Hellström - ELVENSTORM

Elvenstorm is a superior power metal band with incredible vocal harmony and that full on guitar assault that sounds so good cranked up! I had the chance to Interview Michael Hellstrom, guitarist for the band. His insight into the next phase of the metal evolution of Elvenstorm proved to be full of information. This is not a band to be missed as 2016 approaches. all the elements of a classic power metal band are here.

 Members: Laura Ferreux - Vocals Felix Börner - Drums Michael Hellström - Guitar Florent Brunet-Manquat - Bass Guitar

       Tell me about the writing for the album soulreaper. How long does it take to pull songs together?


Shortly after the release of our second album “Blood Leads to Glory”,  we worked immediately on new songs and decided to record a 4 tracks E.P. It’s a kind of “first taste” of what the next album will be. We also decided to pay tribute to two different bands, Slayer and Heavens Gate, and we recorded these songs in the Elvenstorm blood.

I think this is a powerful  record and we are really satisfied with “Soulreaper”


      Who does most of the writing?


Most of time, we are writing songs together with Laura.
We worked like that since the very early days of the band and I think it’s a very good alchemy.


       Where do you see the state of metal in ten years?


I think Heavy Metal will never die, as long as there’s still new generations of young metalhead and young talented bands that bring Metal as it’s highest level and not like a trend.
In 10 years people will still listen to legends such like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Running Wild …
and I’m pretty sure that bands like Enforcer, Portrait or Evil Invaders will become more and more popular.

       Are you fans of social media?

Honestly not that much,  I prefer to meet people for real and share some beers and hang out with them !
But this is one of the best way to promote a band nowadays because you can make some easy and free promotion.
The dark side is that with all those social medias, anyone can say anything, There’s not much respect and privacy, anyone can call himself  music journalist or promoter or manager….
But it’s also a good way to interact with the fans and friends, so there’s also good side.

     How is the support for the band in your home city?


This is quite strange, because Grenoble has a good scene, with Lonewolf, Sanctuaire and other talented bands, but we don’t have a real fanbase there, and we still never play there !!!
To catch gigs nowadays is a real fight, even in our home town . You have to be friends with promoters or to pay to play.
For Elvenstorm we will never prostitute our band and our music only to catch gigs,

Fortunately we can count on fans all around the world that give us a real support

   Take us through a typical rehearsal. Is there a format or is it just lets get together and perform?

There’s no real format, we choose the songs we’ll play at the next gig, work it by our side and then we rehearse the show all together. Not more, not less.


    How do you know when your song is complete?


For me, a song is complete when I’m 100% satisfied with it.
When I feel the heart of the song and all the feelings I wanted to put inside, I can say this is complete. Then it’s a matter of arrangements that will be worked in studio

Who came up with the name?

Laura and myself  came up with the name.
We started the band together and we wanted something to sound melodic and powerful  that’s why we choose Elvenstorm

What bands inspired you and what bands are you currently  listening to?

I’m really influenced by the 80’s and 90’s German scene with bands such like RUNNING WILD, early HELLOWEEN, but also STORMWARRIOR, PARAGON, GRAVE DIGGER  and of course bands like IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, SAVAGE GRACE, . I’m also influenced for my guitar works by some more obscure bands like BATHORY, DISSECTION, or WATAIN.
Actually I’m listening a lot to “Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls”, “Running Wild – Gates to Purgatory” and “Enforcer – From Beyond”

 Craziest thing that has happened at a gig.

So far, there’s not much crazy things that happened to our gigs .
But one of my best memories is when Marta Gabriel from Crystal Viper, jumped on stage with us to sing “Mistress From Hell” in Belgium. It was amazing and impressive.

 What is your favorite song to play live?
Hard question !!!!!

I would say “Sworn to the Dark” and “Legions of Steel”

 If you could jam with any musician long since past which one would it be and why?

Without any hesitation I would say Rolf Kasparek from Running Wild and Kai Hansen from Gamma Ray.
This is because of them that I’m actually guitarist.
They bring me so much with their songs and albums, that it’s more than music for me.
An album like “Walls of Jericho” or “Under Jolly Roger”  has so much impact on me. These guys are idols for me

 How can fans get your cds?

They can get our cds and merchandising through our online storm: or through Inferno Records mail order

What do you want people to know about your upcoming release?

We are actually working hard on the upcoming album and ¾ of the demos are already recorded.
It will be the most powerful album we ever recorded, it will also be the darkest and the most ambitious one. We are working a lot on arrangements, melodies, vocal lines, guitar lines ….
We are actually really satisfied with those new songs and we can’t wait to hit the recording studio.
Expect a speed fast heavy metal mayhem for 2016.

Any words for your fans

Just want to thank  them for all their true and faithful support.
I hope we’ll be able  to hang out with all of you on the road.
Without you there will be no Elvenstorm.

Bryan Martin

Thursday, October 8, 2015



Frontiers Music srlRelease: 16 October 2015

The new VOODOO HILL album – the third release from the musical alliance between Italian axeman Dario Mollo and legendary former Deep Purple singer / bass player Glenn Hughes – is certainly the culmination of a 30+ years career for Mollo as a musician, songwriter and producer.

With a career which started in 1981, with the Heavy Metal band Crossbones, and subsequent work with such musical giants like Tony Martin (Black Sabbath), Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, MSG), Don Airey (Rainbow, Ozzy, Deep Purple) and several others, Voodoo Hill albums with Glenn Hughes has always marked a special milestone in Dario’s career.

With the acclaimed first Voodoo Hill album in 2000, Dario for the first time had the chance to have a proper international release, while the follow up album “Wild Seed of Mother Earth” marked what has been probably the heaviest and strongest release ever from Dario. Both releases came out via the Italian label Frontiers with whom Dario has built a strong liaison during the years.

The new record sees Glenn coming back to very strong and straightforward heavy rock music after the experiences with a more 70’s sound on his recent bands Black Country Communion and California Breed.

“Waterfall” is a superb Heavy Rock album which is equally split between aggressive and heavy moments and beautiful melodies.

Dario Mollo - Guitars
Glenn Hughes – Vocals

Dario Patti - Bass, Keys
Riccardo Vruna – Drums
Andrea Maiellano - Additional Bass on 3, 4, 6
Vladimir Ruzicic Kebac - Drums on 7, 9, 11

Produced by Dario Mollo

Rock And Roll Camp News

Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp - You on Stage with Rock Stars. Jam, Write, Record and Perform with the World's Greatest Rock Stars.
Upcoming Camps EventsCorporate Team Building Programs EventsRock Star For A Day Experience Las VegasRehearsal Studios Las VegasContact Us

Register Now
Space for Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp is extremely limited.
To sign-up or for more information, Call (888) 762-2263 x07
LOS ANGELES, FEB. 11-14 2016
  2016 marks the 20th Anniversary of Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, and four of the greatest guitarists and a legendary drummer come together in Los Angeles to headline one of the most amazing camp’s ever assembled on Presidents Day/Grammy weekend, Feb. 11-14, 2016.  Campers will have the opportunity to meet and jam with guitarists Tony Iommi, Steve Vai, Warren Haynes, Zakk Wylde and drummer Carl Palmer at this once-in-a-lifetime event.  In addition, the weekend will culminate with campers and their bands performing at the Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip.
“I’ve really enjoyed working with the students at Coventry University and the ‘Guitar Star’ contestants in England, so I’m looking forward to meeting some more enthusiastic players at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in Hollywood,” said Iommi.
“As we approach the 20th Anniversary of Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, we continue to fulfill people’s musical dreams, from beginners to advanced players,” said David Fishof, founder and creator of Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp.  “This camp will be a true once-in- a-lifetime experience for any music fan.”
Tony Iommi is a founding member and lead guitar player of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy winning hard rock band, Black Sabbath.  He is synonymous with his innovative, de-tuned, dark riffs that are considered the blueprint for hundreds of bands that followed. 
Also appearing will be Warren Haynes, who is best known for his work as longtime guitarist with the Allman Brothers Band and founding member of the jam band Gov’t Mule, as well as touring with Phil Lesh and The Dead.  Haynes will be joined by Zakk Wylde, who is best known known as the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, and founder of the band Black Label Society. He was also the lead guitarist and vocalist in Pride & Glory, and as a solo artist he released “Book of Shadows.”  In addition, Carl Plummer, one of the most respected rock drummers to emerge from the 1960’s and veteran of famous English bands including Emerson, Lake & Palmer and ASIA, will also headline the camp.
Rounding out the line-up is Grammy Award-winning artist and legendary guitar hero, Steve Vai. He has sold over 15 million albums and has recorded and toured with Frank Zappa, Public Image Ltd., Alcatrazz, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, and as a solo artist.
Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp is a non-competitive atmosphere designed for all levels of musicians and music enthusiasts. Participants are placed in bands with like-minded people and skill level to make for an off-the-charts experience.  The bands will rehearse under the guidance of a rock star counselor including Vinny Appice (Dio), Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot), Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns), Vic Johnson (Sammy Hagar), Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot) Bjorn Englen (Yngwie Malmsteen) Kane Roberts (Alice Cooper), and Brian Tichy (Whitesnake).
Space is always limited at Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camps to keep the experience intimate.  The David Crosby and Ginger Baker hosted camp in Los Angeles on Nov. 5-8, 2015 is completely sold-out.  Interested campers should sign up early. 
For additional information, please visit or call 888.762.BAND.
This is a non-competitive environment, open to all skills levels of musician and songwriters-from beginner to expert.  

Download Brochures
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Rock Star For A Day Experience Las Vegas Brochure
Corporate Team Building and Entertianment Brochure


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Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Monday, September 21, 2015

Seven Witches New Album!!!

New Jersey metallists Seven Witches are ready to assault your senses once again, with a fierce new album, 'The Way of the Wicked.' Comprised of singer Anthony Cross, guitarist Jack Frost, bassist Ronnie Parkes, and drummer Johnny Kelly, Seven Witches picks up exactly where their hard-hitting last album left off, 2013's 'Rebirth.' And this is especially apparent in the album's second video, "World Without Man."

New Jersey metallists Seven Witches are ready to assault your senses once again, with a fierce new album, 'The Way of the Wicked.' Comprised of singer Anthony Cross, guitarist Jack Frost, bassist Ronnie Parkes, and drummer Johnny Kelly, Seven Witches picks up exactly where their hard-hitting last album left off, 2013's 'Rebirth.' And this is especially apparent in the album's second video, "World Without Man."

"When I got the demo version of the music, I knew these were the lyrics I wanted to use for it," recalls Cross. "The opening line was something that I had jotted down some time ago. 'How would it be, if one day, man no longer was?'"

"Think about it….you’ve seen documentaries that show you that if human life ceased to exist, the planet would start to heal. Lyrically, this is where this came from. I’m also a big fan of the Richard Matheson story, 'I Am Legend,' so that fed into it as well. So really, if everyone and everything was gone, how would you go on with your life?"

And according to Cross, his songwriting union with Frost is already a career highlight. "Writing with Jack Frost is a treat! He will usually come up with suggestions and ideas that I would never think of. And in the end we are both happy with the result." And the union is already paying off, as evidenced by the song "World Without Man," and the full-length 'The Way of the Wicked.'

Joe Satriani 2016 tour news



Los Angeles, CA – September 15, 2015   In 1986 JOE SATRIANI released his first solo album through Relativity Records, “Not of This Earth”.  Fast-forward to this year when SATRIANI released his 15th solo album, “Shockwave Supernova” to critical acclaim.  To mark this major milestone anniversary, SATRIANI will bring to life the “Surfing to Shockwave” 2016 Tour, an evening spotlighting his 30-year career.

The 45-date tour celebrating “30 Years of Mind-Bending Guitar Daredevilry,” a phrase coined in a June 2014 career-defining retrospective feature in Rolling Stone, launches February 25th at Seattle’s legendary Paramount Theatre crossing the US into Canada ending April 24th.  The shows will highlight music over SATRIANI’s entire career, including songs the legendary guitarist hasn’t played live in over 20 years!
This August, the world renowned guitarist released his 15th studio album, hitting Satriani’s highest chart debut at #19 on Billboard’s Top 200 Current Albums Chart.  In addition, the album also debuted at # 3 on the Billboard Rock Chart and ranks as the highest charting all-instrumental rock album on Billboard’s Top 200 in the SoundScan era. 
The critical acclaim for Shockwave Supernova was unprecedented:
“…Joe Satriani has proven himself to be one of the most imaginative, brilliant and talented rock guitarists ever to strum six strings.” - Rolling Stone
“…Satriani leans into ringing arpeggios that build into one of the soaring lead lines that have helped him rack up five gold albums and one platinum LP, along with 15 Grammy nominations since 1989.”
- The Wall Street Journal

“The immutable fact which emerges from repeated listens to Shockwave Supernova is that this is a combo for the ages and maybe the best one we’ve heard on Satriani record to date.”  - Popmatters

For two decades, the guitar virtuoso has traveled the world, playing to sold-out crowds as both a headliner and as founder of the all-star “G3” guitar extravaganza.  Satriani’s studio and live recordings have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide to date and of his many solo albums, two have gone platinum and four others went gold, with 15 Grammy nominations between them.  His side project, Chickenfoot, featuring former Van Halen front man Sammy Hagar, former bassist Michael Anthony, and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer Chad Smith saw their debut album certified gold and their second studio album debuted at #9.
Joe’s touring band remains Marco Minnemann on drums, Bryan Beller on bass and Mike Keneally on keys & guitar.
Tickets will be on sale beginning September 25th with exclusive Joe Satriani meet & greet and VIP packages available on sale starting September 23rd, for details please visit:
“Surfing to Shockwave” Tour Itinerary (Leg 1):
February 25                        Paramount Theatre                                        Seattle, WA
February 26                        Historic Elsinore Theatre                               Salem, OR
February 27                        Grand Sierra Theatre                                      Reno, NV
February 28                        Fox Theater                                                        Oakland, CA
March 1                                Balboa Theatre                                                 San Diego, CA
March 3                                Fox Performing Arts Center                        Riverside, CA
March 4                                Pearl Concert Theater @ Palms Casino   Las Vegas, NV
March 5                                Talking Stick Resort Ballroom                      Scottsdale, AZ
March 7                                Historic Paramount Theatre                        Denver, CO
March 8                                Abraham Chavez Theatre                             El Paso, TX
March 9                                The Majestic Theatre                                     Dallas, TX
March 10                             House of Blues                                                  Houston, TX
March 11                             Laurie Auditorium                                            San Antonio, TX
March 12                             Orpheum Theater                                           New Orleans, LA
March 14                             Iron City                                                               Birmingham, AL
March 15                             Saenger Theatre                                              Pensacola, FL
March 16                             Parker Playhouse                                             Ft. Lauderdale, FL *
March 17                             Ruth Eckerd Hall                                               Clearwater, FL
March 18                             Hard Rock Live                                                   Orlando, FL
March 19                             Florida Theatre                                                 Jacksonville, FL
*Tickets on-sale 10-2
To Follow Joe Satriani
Facebook:   joesatriani
Twitter:   @chickenfootjoe
Instagram:  joesatriani
YouTube:  websatch

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Eddie Trunk Interview( One From The Archives Series)

I  have been spending some time in my archives and I came across this gem. Eddie Trunk is one of metal stalwart torch bearers. His That Metal Show is a staple around the globe for metal fans.I had a chance to interview Eddie early in my pursuit of this passion. This was originally published on The Ripple Effect. Enjoy...
Eddie Trunk  essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal volume 2

Abrams image publishing 9/24/2013


    Eddie Trunk is a stalwart proponent of the metal genre. He is well respected within the metal community as a man of knowledge and passion for this musical style. His loyalty and dedication to the music, artists, and fans was born out of a simple love of the music. For 30 Years he has been leading the metal battle cry for all who do not believe. His latest book is a testament to that passion and drive. A forward by none other than Slash himself kicks off this literary tour de force of bands, that helped shape and define the heavy metal genre. Included within each band chapter are clever insights, stories from the Eddie's vast memory reservoir. Every band has a story and Eddie Trunk is your ringleader into their magic circus lifestyle.   I had the opportunity to talk with Eddie over the phone about his new book, radio, That Metal Show, and of course, metal in general.


Congrats on your second book, Eddie Trunk's Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal volume 2. Also your radio show and That Metal Show. 30 years in the business. What is something that still amazes you about the metal genre and its fans?

Thanks. The fans are the ones that keep it all going for the artists and myself, and the genre in general.  I'm really lucky for that. It's incredible how much support I have from people from my TV. show and my radio show, and now my books. I'm really grateful. At the end of the day, I just considered myself a fan. I got into this music 30 years ago because I wanted to find ways to share and spread the music I love with other people in a respectful way. And it's just been amazing to see it continue. You know metal has its ups and downs just like anything does, but the core of it and the passion from the fans is really there. I think that is really one of the true hallmarks of this genre of music.

You included almost every band that received a mention at the end of your first book within your latest book. How long did it take you to narrow down the list of bands?

It was a little difficult because as you mentioned the bands at the end of the first book were meant to be included in the book, but then I realized that there wasn't room. It was tough to cut those bands out but I had to do so because of space. Then when I was approached to do the second book, I said well that is the starting point. That is where we should begin. So that was the jumping off point. There are still a few that I did not end up using and then there were a few that were not listed at all that I did. So it was a little bit of a process trying to determine which bands to use. I ran into space limits for this book too. as much as you want to keep writing and writing, you can't just do that. So I had to go through the existing list and say yeah I think I have enough about that band to do a full section. It was a balance. 80% of the bands that were mentioned at the end of the first book now have full sections in this one. The last thing that was important was the variety. It's the same thing for the books, radio and television. This book has Manson in it and Warrant. I have always done that, I have never discriminated within the different genres. Never been afraid to say I like hard rock and I like heavy metal. I think we found a decent amount of variety within the book.

Right,  I'm so glad you included "Veteran of The Psychic Wars" in your Blue Oyster Cult playlist. I used to have that album on 8-track believe it or not.

Yeah(laughs),  Blue Oyster Cult in general just being included in the book was really important to me. They were one of the tougher cuts from the first book. I think that Blue Oyster Cult is a band that is really overlooked by a lot of people. Buck Dharma doesn't really think of them as a "metal" band but they are certainly a hard rock band and they have such a huge influence on so many bands. So it was important to get them in. I spent a good amount of time listening to them as a kid as well, so I was glad that I was able to get those guys in the book.

You briefly touched upon Blue Murder. You mentioned you have the demo tapes for the Sykes,Portnoy project. Any chance of hearing that demo?

I don't think anyone would be comfortable with me  playing them for people because they are really raw demos. Very, very basic. Really just them set up and playing. Nothing that they could shop to any labels. The skeletons of the songs are there. If they wanted me to and were comfortable with it then o.k. I would, but it would be more a curiosity thing because it wasn't a polished  product. The four or five songs I have are just skeletons. I am pretty sure that on John Sykes new solo record those songs are going to be  on it.

How long will the book tour go on for

This will be pretty extensive. The initial run starts on September 24 goes for about eleven days and ends in Vegas. From there it's back to Jersey and New York. from there I go to Brazil to host a festival. I have new episodes of That Metal show taping in October. Might have to wait until November or December. There really isn't an end date. The first signing is the 24th of September at the Hard Rock in Times Square. The 25th in Morris Plains, New Jersey at the Barnes And Noble, and 26th is Staten Island at a Barnes  And Noble. From there I actually start to travel. I hope to do more on the East Coast. I want to do Philadelphia, Ct. Boston. Just time and schedules.

Let's say you had a chance to put together an Eddie Trunk music festival based on the books. which five bands would have to be on the bill?

Oh wow. well if it was just a fantasy thing where it could be any band then....

Well any band living

Yeah, Kiss and Aerosmith. Original members. Those  two started it all for me as a kid. Van Halen, Black Sabbath. Sabbath with Ronnie but sadly we couldn't have that. So Sabbath, and Metallica. That would be a pretty good line up.

I just saw Sabbath a couple of weeks ago, They were awesome.

Yeah, I thought Sabbath with Ozzy was great, but Sabbath with Dio is where I discovered them. Ronnie and I were close, so Sabbath with him has always been kind of special to me. As great as the current Sabbath is, I couldn't help but think while watching them ,that we would never hear Ronnie's vocals on some of those songs again. Never going to hear "Children Of The Sea" live again, sung by Ronnie.


Speaking of that. There have been a lot of deaths in the metal community lately and then of course  lemmy's(Motorhead) health issues. How concerned are you about the mortality and the future of Heavy Metal?

It's true. Nobody is immune to it. Us included. A lot of people ask, well who carries the torch? The biggest bands are still the bands that have been around 30 or 40 years. Doing the biggest business. So you do have to say that some bands do scale back or retire or even sadly, pass on . It definitely is a concern, but  you have to point to the guys from the 80's. You hope they become big again. You hope they still have some juice left in them, than say the guys from the 70's. Iron Maiden is bigger now than they have ever been. so they are still ten years younger than the 70's groups. New bands like Avenged Seven fold, Five finger Death Punch are bands that certainly have great fan bases. It remains to be seen if they can continue the legacy. Hopefully the combo of the 80's and the new bands can keep it all going together.


Almost every artist I have interviewed from Doro to John5 has tremendous praise for you and what you do to promote the genre. Does that pressure ever get to you?


Honestly man I don't think about it. I don't let it ..I don't think about it. I am so grateful for people that support. Slash did my forward and Halford did the last one, so to have the friendship and respect of these great artists is amazing to me. But I don't think about it. I'm too consumed with what I am doing and pushing forward that I really don't think about it. Maybe one day when I am retired I will look back. Every day is still a fight for this music. People think you are set. But that is not the case at all. There is a perception about that. Every day is a struggle like anyone else to keep the bills paid and to make sure that you keep doing what you love. The struggle is with the industry to make them believe that metal is important. I would love to do more episodes or have a longer radio show but it's a struggle to get the powers to be to continue to support. It's not as easy as people think.


So you will keep this going as long as you can...

I think about it. I'm 49, doing this 30 years right out of High School. The audience and the fans have been along on this ride with me. My 30 year anniversary radio party in Times Square is really just a celebration of the fans. From where I go from there is anyone's guess. It's really up to the powers that be if it continues on. I am aware of the possibility that the television show and the radio show hinges on support from the companies that own the stations. It's out of my control. I will still be a fan. It's all I have known since High School. I would love to keep going for another ten or twenty years.



Let's play a little word association

If I say Metallica, you say:






Blue Murder:





    obviously, Mustaine


    Under rated

That concluded our interview, but I could have talked to him about metal for hours. He is a true lifelong fan of all that heavy metal has to offer. You can check out His TV show on VH1 Classic called THAT METAL SHOW, His radio show, Eddie Trunk Rocks a syndicated show on q104.3(New York City), And Eddie Trunk Live on SiriusXM radio. Visit him at Eddie Both Eddie Trunk Essential books are available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble as well as other outlets.