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Released March 23, 2012 (Frontiers Records)

Track List: 01. Disappear Again
02. Stand Like Stone
03. Souvenirs
04. Don't Follow
05. New Way Of Living
06. Voodoo Me
07. Fear Alone
08. Wasted On You
09. Our Peace Someday
10. Desert Suicide
11. Voodoo Me (acoustic)
12. Souvenirs (acoustic)
Matt Mitchell - vocals and acoustic guitar
Chris Green - lead/rhythm guitar
Pat Heath - lead/rhythm guitar
Alex 'Nickel' Bowen - bass
Lee Farmery - drums
Produced by Rick Beato.
Furyon are one of the best new bands I have heard in a long time, and one of the few modern day artists that truly could stand with any band in my CD collection. Heavy as hell and chugging their way through your speakers like Juggernaut after Spider-Man, as I listen to Furyon I'm trying to place the sound. I tried to recognize, via the aural assault, who influenced these guys, but the truth is I couldn't do it. This is the first band in a long, long time t…