Marita- Bloodlust review

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     Marita- Bloodlust

     This is a tour de force of 80's horror pop rock! If Freddie Krueger has a Spotify account then this album is surely on it. The album sounds like it should have been a john carpenter movie soundtrack! As a matter of fact any aspiring horror film director should use one of these songs in their next film. 
     Sticking to her passions, Marita pulls no punches on her love for all things metal and horror related. Stand outs include "10 to Midnight" and "Horror High".
     The production value in both the sound and songwriting has surpassed her previous album, "Rough Stuff". Marita has matured into a formidable metal songwriting machine. Also of note is the incredible guitar work that shreds like Jason Voorhees at summer camp. Just overall a great album.Get your copy now and crank it up!!!!

9/10 Wolf Howls


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