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Few Metal bands work harder at their craft than Kobra And The Lotus. This belief in themselves and the music they create has ushered in another incredible album with prevail. Hands down their best release to date. And this is only Album one of a double album set! This band is just getting started. There is a strength that comes through the music, a strength that is born of their dedication to their art form. Truly, prevail, is a" war horse" of shredding surges of sonic metallic perfection.

 "Gotham" kicks off the album and this song alone has everything you could ever want in a metal song. Instantly your singing along with Kobra Paige and then finding yourself playing the air guitar or the air drums as this song just slams right through your mind.

"Trigger Pulse" continues the assault and presents a straight-ahead tempo barrage of hard rock. Kobra's voice is so strong on this track.

"You Don't Know": Incredible. This song is hands down one of their best. Her voice is haunting and powerful. These words she sings, you better believe she means it. The band is powerful behind her. This song represents the perfect syncopation of vocalist and musician, songwriter and human being. Sonic Perfection.

"Specimen x": Another power house. Check out the middle breakdown. This is superior songwriting. The lead break is pure progressive pyrotechnics.

"Light Me Up" One of their best ballads. Guitar work is insane. Great catchy lyrics.

"Manifest Destiny" Another rocking classic sounding hit. Incredible. Kobra is stretching her vocals between hard rock and sweet symphonic overtones. Another catchy chorus.

"Victim" Strong hard rock sound on this one. Check out the drums on this one.  I like the message she conveys in these lyrics.

"Check The Phryg": SO many bands attempt a good instrumental. You can go the shred route like an yngwie or a satriani. Or you can go the structured way like Iron Maiden or Metallica. Or you can do both, The Kobra And The Lotus way. This is superior musicianship. The guitarist is on fire.

"Hell On Earth" slams you right back into that Kobra head banging sound. Powerful song, powerful message

"Prevail" Last song is just as strong as the first song. Perfect song to close the album and the title track.

Over all this is a fantastic release. This album should solidify Kobra And The Lotus in the pantheon of classic metal bands like Judas Priest, Dio, and others.

10/10 wolf howls
Cry Of The Wolf Magazine

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