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Female fronted rock band Blind Revision announces the release of their brand new 5 track EP, “Of White And Grey.” The title refers to the white and grey matter of the human brain. The EP will take the listener on a dark journey through the depths of the human mind. The EP will be available worldwide on May 14, on platforms such as itunes, Spotify, Tidal, and many more.

As a concept EP, the musical project centers on one main narrator, referred to as the subject. In each song, the subject faces an internal “demon.” The demons include feeling sensitivity, anxiety, addiction, the demon of love, and the fear of death. Staying with the psychological theme, each song also represents a different lobe of the brain, with the track names corresponding to each lobe. Overall, the EP seeks to describe the feelings of these “demons” that many people face in their daily lives.

Instrumentally, “Of White And Grey” blends melodic soft vocals with progressive rock riffs and metal breakdowns. Listeners will enjoy catchy hard rock choruses and intricate guitar shredding during the verses. 

In addition, the Rhode Island based band will be embarking on an east coast tour of the U.S. starting May 17. Find out when you can see them in your area:

Tour dates:
May 17 - Cherry Street Station - Wallingford, Connecticut
May 18 - Mill Hill Saloon - Trenton, New Jersey
May 19 - Strange Brew Tavern - Allentown, Pennsylvania
May 20 - Raw Ink Studio - Gaithersburg, Maryland
May 26 - 3065 Live - Wareham, Massachusetts
June 2 – Jimmy’s Saloon – Newport, Rhode Island

About the band:

Blind Revision is an alternative rock band with metal and progressive influences. The band boasts a unique sound that can be described as a cross between Coheed and Cambria and Evanescence.

Recently, the band was nominated for two Worcester Music Awards: best rock act and best hardcore act.

Blind Revision also had the privilege of opening for nationally touring acts, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Hawthorne Heights in Providence, Rhode Island. Blind Revision has also shared the stage with the metal band, Revocation.

You can follow the band on social media for more updates @blindrevision.
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