THE MURDER OF MY SWEET Echoes of the Aftermath

Echoes of the Aftermath
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
27 January 2017
The Murder of My Sweet is a Swedish cinematic metal band founded in 2007 by drummer and producer Daniel Flores. The music is inspired by movie scores, film noir storytelling and bands like Queen, E.L.O and Genesis, presented with a modern twist and heavy sounding production.

After the release of two albums, in 2015 The Murder of My Sweet reunited with Frontiers Records with the release of their concept album “Beth Out of Hell”, an album that was described “Almost Wagnerian in style” (Sonic Cathedral) and compared to such masterpieces as “Operation Mindcrime” by Powerplay Magazine in the UK.

The new album follows on the heels of the previous record with a more straight ahead songwriting, but still offering the symphonic and cinematic elements the band is now well known for and will surely please fans of the previous albums. “Echoes of the Aftermath” heroes a Nordic sound the members of the band grew up with and takes on issues more in tune with our modern day life.

Tour dates are planned – be sure to catch The Murder of My Sweet when they play in a town near you!

Angelica Rylin - Vocals
Christopher Vetter - Guitar
Patrik Janson - Bass
Daniel Flores - Drums and Keyboards
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