Veonity prepares for world domination!

Recently Swedish Power metallers VEONITY, opened for Canada's KOBRA AND THE LOTUS. Their Latest offering, INTO THE VOID, is a tour de force of powerful songs filled with strength and melody. I had the chance to ask a few questions of this up and coming band. The members of VEONITY  are honest, skilled musicians, whose music is good enough and strong enough, to take them as far as they are willing to go.

1.      "Into The Void" is a powerful album. Can you take us through the writing process? How long did it take?, Who contributed? What is the underlying theme of the album?

Thank you! We have tried our best (of course) to write some powerful songs. Me (Samuel) and Anders are the ones writing the songs. We always discuss what kind of song should be in an album. There has to be a good mixture of fast, heavy and mid-tempo songs in an album so we usually decides first what kind of track to write. I would dare to say that we always start with writing the chorus since it decides the feeling of the song. And a true power metal song needs a powerful chorus. Im not saying that the song depends on it but if you have a good chorus than the rest of the song is more or less writing itself.
The theme for “Into The Void” was actually a pure sci-fi story about a man venturing into space. We love concept albums. It is a challenge to write but it also gives you great pleasure because it makes the creativity flowing.

2.      You recently supported KOBRA AND THE LOTUS, how was that experience?

We toured with KOBRA AND THE LOTUS in Baltikum and we really had a blast. They are great people, fantastic musicians and awesome performers. We had a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to tour with them again.

3.      Your influences growing up musically. Name a specific band or song that really inspired you to become a musician

Well my first musical inspiration was actually my cousin. He was a great classical guitar player and I remember that I wanted to play like him. I must have been eight or nine at that time. Eventually I stumbled upon hard rock and I knew that I had to start playing guitar.
Then one day, I think I was 14, I got GAMMA RAYs album “somewhere out in space” in my hand. That day I fell in love with power metal and I have never strayed from that path. I remember the energy and the power in the song “Beyond the black hole”. The double bass drums, Kai’s high pitch vocals and the great guitar work.

4.      Anything in your musical playlists that we might not expect?

Damian Rice, E-type, and Backstreet Boys

5.      How is the support for metal and in particular power metal in your home town or home city?

We live in a smaller city in Sweden which is located close to Gothenburg. Gothenburg has, as you know, produced a lot of great power metal bands like Hammerfall, Lost Horizon, Dream Evil just to name a few. Because of that people are familiar to power metal and a lot of people do support that kind of music. In our city nowadays people are obviously well familiar and supporting of power metal since we have been playing slot of shows here. Spreading power metal to more people is one of our mission in VEONITY  ha ha

6.      The video for "Warriors Of Time" looks like it was a lot of fun to make. Who came up with the concept for the video?

Right on the spot!!! I have never laughed so much in my life as during the recording. We wanted this 80’s kind of sci-fi feel to the video. We did not want to use any digital stuff so instead we build the props. We found a location that had all this weird old things and that really looked like the spaceship interior from the 80’s. The Idea for the video came up on a BBQ night with the band (sometimes when you are doing other things than playing together great ideas are born).
Hannes Knutsson from “Lefvande Bilder” directed the music video and he came up with the idea that we needed a spaceship model so he could film it in the same way as they did with star wars. So we build and painted our little spacecraft which was a new experience for me ha ha.

7.      There is a power metal resurgence going on, even here in the states. Have you ever thought of touring in America?

There is for sure a new wave of power metal coming up. I’m not sure if it’s the second or third, it depends on how you see it. Power metal was huge in the late 90’s and early 2000 and after that it kind of went down a bit. Now, people in our age that were teenager at the time has picked up the torch and the time for power metal is nigh.
Of course we would want to tour in America. There are some great festivals and venues to play at and it would be an honor to play at Prog Power one day. We are still a young band and we have many years left to play and to tour so I know that it will come a time (in a not too distant future) where we are heading for America.

8.      how do you use social media? And how do you feel about downloading and streaming?

Social media has really become IT. I mean of course you can have a webpage (which we do) but people want to see what is going on in a more smooth and natural way. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter helps you to reach out to fans in a more direct way where as a webpage is more static (and dull). So we try to update our social medias almost everyday so that people can see what is going on and what is happening a little bit behind the curtains.
On the issue of downloading and streaming I would say that the music industry has changed a lot since the 90’s. Downloading and streaming are a fact. There is no way to stop or change that. In some ways it’s a good thing since your music can be heard (or seen) anywhere in the world.
However I would like people to realize that playing music is not for free. There is a tremendous amount of time, effort and money put into making music. Lots of people take what musicians to for granted while the truth is that even musicians do have to eat (shocking right!). If more people were to buy CD’s, merch and come to the shows that are announced the metal music industry would blossom and become more powerful. We need to work together fans and musicians in order to keep the flames of metal burning!

9.      Craziest thing you have experienced at a gig or backstage?

At one time when I was playing with another band the singer had a sword on stage. Suddenly a guy from the crowd climbs up on stage and takes the singers sword and starts waving it around. In his moment of epicness, or whatever he felt, he accidently cut of my guitar cable with the sword. That’s an unique experience I would guess haha

10.  One song that all new fans of VEONITY must hear first?

My personal favorite from the “Into The Void” is “When Humanity Is Gone” and from our previous album the song “Slaves In A Holy War”. That song is probably one of the best songs we have written.

11.  Again congrats on the latest album. Do you have anything to say to your fans?

Thank you! As I said earlier, it would be impossible for us to do this without the support and love that people are showing us by buying our music and coming to our shows. All the positive feedback we get from the fans is what makes us stronger and gives us the power to keep on making true power metal.

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