Overtures release Artifacts!

After the huge success and the great responses received by ‘Entering the Maze’, an album that is proud of amazing reviews, sellings and that brought Overtures on European tour twice (supporting Almah & Secret Sphere in 2013, supporting Threshold in 2014),  the band is finally proud to announce that the third album, ARTIFACTS, is now available, worldwide released by Sleaszy Rider Records.



Recorded and mixed by Michele Guaitoli @ The Groove Factory Studio, Udine (Italy);
Mastered by Olaf Reitmeier @ Gate Studio, Hamburg (Germany);
Artworks: Franziskus Plefghart;
Booklet: Michele Guaitoli;
Released by: Sleaszy Rider Records (2016)

  1. Repentance
  2. Artifacts
  3. GO(L)D
  4. As candles we burn
  5. Profiled
  6. Unshared worlds
  7. My refuge
  8. New dawn, new dusk
  9. Teardrop
  10. Angry animals
  11. Savior (Alternative Version – Bonus Track)

Without a doubt the amazing  metal band OVERTURES, have crafted an epic release with ARTIFACTS, their third album. Chock of memorable hooks and instant classic metal songs, this is the album to buy above all others. This is progressive power metal at its finest. My personal favorite is the song "artifacts". Just a hands down pure metal powerhouse. There is such a distinctive soundscape coming from these musicians. Look no further than OVERTURES if you need a daily power metal fix. They are one of only a handful of bands to watch for 2017!

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