Reborn in Blasphemy (TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
31 October 2016
SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS is proud to present the debut EP of Italy's GARGOYLE, Reborn in Blasphemy. Self-released earlier this year in very limited quantities, Reborn in Blasphemy introduced these ghoulish doomlords to the international underground, but not widely enough, in SHADOW KINGDOM's opinion! Despite the EP's title cribbed from an old Dismember song, Reborn in Blasphemy is definitely NOT death metal; rather, it is mildewed and catacombed DOOM in the grand Italian tradition, sounding as old as time itself. Plus, rarely anywhere these days will you find a vocal delivery this obscure, this out-there. No trends, no progression, no modernity, no class: GARGOYLE are doom purists, pure and simple, and they're Reborn in Blasphemy with a bonus track amended to the original three-song release!
Night Demon (TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
31 October 2016
NIGHT DEMON is a young trio from California who literally fell out of the sky from nowhere...well, they did when they first released the Night Demon EP on CD through SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS in 2013. Even before its release, when they'd just created a Bandcamp page - and where SHADOW KINGDOM found 'em and were instantly blown away - NIGHT DEMON were invited to play the KIT festival in Europe. From there, the stage was set for their inevitable debut album, Curse of the Damned, which was released last year by Steamhammer and through which the band hit the road hard and converted the masses to their heavy metal faith.

Indeed, heavy metal is NIGHT DEMON's sole religion, one that girds every inch of their souls. You can hear it loud and clear on their very first recording, Night Demon, now finally being released on cassette tape by SHADOW KINGDOM. If you loved Curse of the Damned, then you're gonna love Night Demon just as much - and maybe more! Hear NIGHT DEMON in a rawer, purer state, one that's just as enthralled to the original NWOBHM wave and already mastered it. Love old Angel Witch, Raven, Iron Maiden, and all that British-styled heavy metal that started it all, but wanna hear it in the present and with a harder, grittier, more American feeling? Then Night Demon is gonna be your go-to record, and you can now rock out to it on your Walkman! Even better, this tape version is amended with four bonus tracks, including two studio tracks (one a Diamond Head cover!) and two live tracks from the band's very first show, making this version a full-length album. They are the NIGHT DEMON, and they're comin' to your town...on cassette!
Barren Grounds (CD, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
30 September 2016
It's been four very long years since ALTAR OF OBLIVION's landmark Grand Gesture of Defiance, but the Danish kings are back to reclaim their throne with Barren Grounds! And although those four years have been quiet and could've spelled a change of course, ALTAR OF OBLIVION return rested and firing on all cylinders here, offering the same distinct sound as their celebrated pair of albums but perfecting it in a manner that's anything but barren.

As emotional as ever and reaching equally for the heavens and hells, Barren Grounds offers four brand-new songs that span the signature ALTAR OF OBLIVION aesthetic. "State of Decay" begins the record quietly and then charges into molten heaviness, dynamically shifting gears, and often; "Serenity" is aptly titled, a placid instrumental that's the calm before the storm; the title track is pure emotional doom bliss, recalling the classic Candlemass archetype and arguably one of the band's best songs yet, while the hushed closer "Lost" is positively goosebump-inducing in its sonic loneliness. Altogether, and featuring the band's best and heaviest production to date, Barren Grounds makes for a completely satisfying mini-album experience: herald the return of ALTAR OF OBLIVION!
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