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Sulfur & Bane
Osmose Productions
28 October 2016
PRINCIPALITY OF HELL was born out of the need to honour their roots, the bands who gave them the ignition and desire to start playing music, and to remind the people that black metal is not only about blastbeats and corpsepaint.

Says the band, "Our music is an honest testament, directly from the soul of what black metal is actually about -genuine metal music with Satanic spirit and attitude. In other words, if we were 10-12 years older, this is the music which would have been released in 1983-1984…"
The Magus - bass/ vocals

El - guitars
J. - drums

Guest vocalists:
-Acherontas V.Priest of ACHERONTAS on "Dawn of Megiddo" (CELTIC FROST)
-Sakis of ROTTING CHRIST on "Blasphemer" (SODOM)
-Nick J. Tragakis of EXARSIS on "Evil Invaders" (RAZOR) 

Osmose Productions
30 September 2016
In 2015, Ebola resurrected the project CRYFEMAL from the grave and recorded its seventh album, titled D6s6nti6rro, with Bornyhake (Borgne, Enoid) on drums and Satur as bassist. CRYFEMAL then signed a contract with Osmose Productions for the album's release.

The year 2016 marks CRYFEMAL's 20th anniversary of playing its self-described "Necro Mental." Also in 2016, the band played Maryland Deathfest as well as New York City, and are confirmed to play the next Satan's Unholy Abomination festival.

CRYFEMAL exclusively plays Necro Mental since 1996!

Ebola - guitars, keyboards, and vocals

Satur - bass player
Bornyhake - drum master

Band contact:

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