Will Ludford And The strats--------------Falling Off The Edge Of The World

Will Ludford And The strats

Falling Off The Edge Of The World


O.k. These3 tracks are filled with a classic rock sound steeped in traditional rock but with a cutting ,modern, edge. The vocals are solid and strong in their delivery. I'm hearing early bluesy rock here. A less distorted early ac/dc. Guitar solo during "Torpedo to your heart" was fiery and fast. Pure emotion embedded within the tune. I like the tone of the guitar here.  I am curious as to what effects he is using. My guess is that this is simply a direct connection to the amp, probably a marshall. Seems like a  no nonsense type of guitarist. Less is more and the song is powerful enough. Song is moving along and then bam here is this distorted, powerful lead.

"You Better Stop" has a crisp, production. I'm hearing Dire Straits in the guitar solo. Maybe my ears....seems like it could be an influence. Listening to this song I would really like to hear it go down in a live setting. This one here really grabs you. Crowd pleaser. Solid delivery. So many influences abound.

    "You Blew me Out of my mind". Great story telling here. Great delivery. Solid musicianship intertwined with a bright lyrical tapestry. Again this screaming lead comes flying out at me.  Nice. A rocket ride into a tambourine filled zydeco land. A song from the heartland of music. What a refreshing approach in terms of delivery and song structuring. There is a natural honesty to the way the guitar notes are shared. This is a player who knows where to rise and where to fall back. Excellent.

Overall a solid rock and roll performance. My only  critique would be a little more distorted guitar in some sections but that's me, I am a heavy rock guitar shred fan. But this band gives it all to me. There is an honesty here that is lost in my genre. I want to pour another beer, listen to this band while the waves roll in.

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